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Can Cats get Colds?

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Can kitties get colds? And can it be transmitted by a person from one cat to another? I was away and my sitter came to feed and love my 7 kitties. She is certified and very good--so I am nearly sure she would always sanitize between households. But my kitties are all indoors--so if in fact there is a virus going around, it'd have to come in on a person (us or the sitter).

One of my seven had a sneezing fit yesterday, sneezed several times in a row. And has sneezed a couple times since. He tends to have more "boogies" in his nose, so I"ve suspected allergies. But then one of the other kitties did not want to eat today--and she is 3 lbs. overweight because of her typical zeleous love of eating! She also spit up a bit of liquidy perhaps slightly mucousy stuff. All this is occurring during a sudden behavior change in relationships.

I am posted on behavior for Sudden Aggression among former friends--so for that info, rather than repeat, just check my posting and replies there. The symptoms of "cold" is very very subtle, not showing in any of the other kitties (and not in any of the ones not getting along) and may just be that I'm overreacting given I'm searching so hard for a reason for the sudden relationship problems.

So my main question is: Do cat's get colds/viruses.
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It's very common for cats to get colds (upper respiratory infections) as they are very contagious. Colds are easily transmitted to cats from people via shoes, clothing, hands so it's very possible your sitter brought a virus into your home. If your cats have been to the vet recently, they may have also picked up a cold from an unproperly sanitized surface in the vet office. Isolate the kitties that are currently showing symptoms from the rest of your cats. There are also numerous threads on TCS if you search under "upper respiratory infections".
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