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Thirteen Ghosts

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I've been watching previews about a new movie called Thirteen Ghosts. I am not really a scary movie fan, but I want to watch this! I will have to watch it during the day with other people so that I won't get scared out of my wits.
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Actually, this movie isn't new, i think it came out last year. I've seen it and as far as scary movies go, it isn't THAT bad. If you like lot's of gore, gohsts and such then you'll like it.

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Hahaha!! It IS new to me over here!! hahaha Its only been released at the cinema about 2 weeks ago!!

Alicia, I went to see it and I really liked it!! I don't think I'd watch it again though.... it kinda freaked me out!! it IS freaky and it WILL scare you... probably!!! THere are a couple of cheesy bits in it but on the whole, I thought it was great!! - Just don't watch it alone..... BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :LOL:
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It sounds scary and freaky! If I see it I better make sure hubby is there so I can grab onto him when I get freaked!
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Hahaha - yeah, hubby left me all alone (well.. in a cinema full of people) to go the toilet - right on a really scary bit!! I didn't appreciate it!! I jumped right outta my seat!! hahahaaha :LOL:
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Poor Rhea! Did you ever recover from your scary shock experience!?! I bet you won't ever let Sam leave you again in a cinema! lol
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No!! - Im scarred forever now!! Can't be alone anywhere..... must find a crowd..... :paranoid2 :disturbed
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Don't worry Rhea. If I ever went to the cinema with you, I would never leave you alone! We would scream together and grab on to each other for dear life! lol
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This is ironic, I just saw that movie advertised last night on TV that it had just been released on video, and I was telling hubby I wanted to see it, and wondered if it was any good. So now that I know, I will definately have to rent it!!!! I LOVE scary movies!!! The scarier the better!!!!!!! I like to watch them with all the lights turned off, late at night!!!!! Woohooo!!
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Darn!! Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together and have a "scary movie night"!! Lights off... just us girlies..... Lots of popcorn and choccie and even icecream.... (of course there could have to be a supply of teddies available too - along with cushions to hind behind!! hahaha :LOL: ) - Someone just make sure I remember my glasses!! haah
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Rhea! That sounds like fun!! Just as long as you mean "Teddy bears" when you say "teddies"....I wouldn't be caught dead in a teddy at 6 months pregnant... :LOL: (or in a room full of women either, for that matter) Hahaha! I knew what you meant, just had to tease you a little!!!!! :LOL:

I did watch Thirteen Ghosts Saturday night...and I really liked it.

The best part was when that guy got cut in half by the glass doors...ewwwwwwwww, gross!
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Hahahaha!!! It could be a "Teddie" party too!! hahaha :LOL:

Eeeeeewwwww Debby that bit was GROSS!!! I thought the scariest bit was when that ghost with the cage thing on her head was attacking the girl!!! AHHHHHH!!!! :disturbed :paranoid3
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That "cage" ghost was spooky!!!!!
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Debby!! I don't think Sarah would appreciate that!! hahaha :LOL:!!! (Spooky = Sarah.... sorry a lame joke.... hahaha )
That was the scariest ghost I thouhgt..... eeeeee.... hahah
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Guess I will be in the minority. I thought it was pretty awful. It started out really strong, but as the movie went on it got worse and worse. Sure the ghosts were scary, but the story (for me anyway) needs to have a strong plot. Both of us were disappointed in the whole things as we were with Joy Ride, and Bandits that we also rented. They just don't make movies like they used to.
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Rhea!!!! You made me laugh out loud with that "spooky" joke....hahahaha!!!! Didn't even think about that when I posted it! (no offense Spooky.... )

Hissy....I do agree with you on the plot of this movie being weak, and it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but I LOVED the ghosts!!!
I still think it is worth watching!

As for Joy Ride....we also watched that one Saturday night, and I LOVED it!!!! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!!! Everytime that voice came over the CB and said..."Candycane?" I about peed my pants. Guess people's tastes are just different. Hubby and I both really liked it!

Anybody else see it?
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Hissy, I agree, the story was pretty lame, but it was soo cheesy it was good!! When it started you know I though it was going to suck....but I liked it! hahaha , I love a good cheesy horror film... as well as the REAL scary ones.....eee... I thought a couple of the ghosts in it were dumb, but some were great!
As for Joyride - I haven't seen it yet, I don't think its even come out over here yet!!! (Maybe it has and I just missed it?!!? hopefully it will be out soon, either at the cinema or on video!!)

I think alot of it is down to your expectations too, I mean Jeepers creepers was sooo hyped as the "scariest movie in 10 years" but that TOTALLY sucked, whereas with this one, I didn't have any expectations as I'd only heard of it about a day before I went to see it!

Deb.... glad to be of asisstance!!
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Ok, I am dating myself here- but Ten Little Indians and House on Haunted Hill, and Wait Until Dark have been the most suspenseful scary movies I have seen.
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Ha ha too funny! I'm not offended, so don't worry. As soon as I see it, I will probably think that some of the ghosts are spooky too!
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Hissy....I really liked House on Haunted Hill, too!
When I was younger, that old Bette Davis movie (can't think of the name) where she has her sister locked upstairs, and gives her the dead bird (or was it a rat?) on the platter at lunch time, scared the crap out of me!!!!!!

Rhea...I actually liked Jeepers Creepers!!
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Ooooo yeah I Loved House On Haunted Hill too!! (though hubby made me watch it with the light on.... phooey.... hahahaha) I haven't heard of the other ones you mentioned Hissy are they as good as HOHH??

Debby, what IS that film you are talking about?!?!? Sounds freaky!! :LOL:!! As for Jeepers Creepers..... well, theres no accounting for taste..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Just JOKING love!! I thought the beginning was good but when you saw the "thing" I was soooooo disappointed!!

Hey Sarah, get that cage off yer head!! :LOL:!!!!
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Debby would that be Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I think that is the name of that movie. And Rhea, yes, the movies are old, but as far as suspense goes, nothing beats them IMO anyway
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Cool!! I love a bit of suspense!! Can you hire them out still? Or would I have to buy them?? I'd love to see them! (so many "scary" films suck I love it when I find ones that are good!) Sooooo... where can I get 'em?!?!

PS - Just read your signature Hissy - thats so cool!!
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Yes! That's the name..."Whatever happened to Baby Jane"!!! it gave me the creeps!!

Rhea....never heard anybody ask if they could "hire" a movie out....you are too funny!!!!
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Sheesh!! Picky picky!!! :LOL: OK hows this..."Can I still R E N T them out?"!! Gee's a girl just can't getta break round here!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Awwww, you know I was just teasin' ya!!!
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I've only read Ten Little Indians in high school. It was by Agatha Christie, right? I think I remember Wait Until Dark. I like some scary movies. I loved Poltergeist! I am getting brave about wathcing all these movies. Can you post what movies are good so that I can watch? Thank.
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I'm sure you have seen The Silence of The Lambs....but if not...run right out and rent it...it is awesome!!! So much better than it's sequel...Hannibal.
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Yeah, I thought Hannibal was kinda boring..... but there ya go... thats just moi!!

All the movies mentioned on here so far are worth watching Alicia, also I'd recommend, What Lies Beneath and Stir of Echo's.... both are very good!! Enjoy!!
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Ooooooh! I recently saw Silence of the Lambs...that was a GOOD movie and scary at some parts. I definitely reccomed that movie. I haven't seen Hannibal yet...maybe someday though (since I heard that its not that good).
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