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Might be keeping one of my fosters!!

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Have been fostering since July 04, and although I have wanted to keep a few, there have been reasons against it (normally cos either my cats don't like them, or they don't like my cats). Molly is neither, my female let her pinch her tea last night, and my male sat on my knee while she was on the sofa next to me (he is known for not being a cat cat, he is very solitary) - in fact, it is either coincidence or my female has been downstairs more since Molly came, which is such a good thing. She is another oldie, and she does have a few characteristics which remind me of a previous cat. But the main reason is that she has just got under my skin, and she is such a lovely cat. My main concern is the vets bills (went up to 3 briefly last year, and ended up spending so much money I got to the credit card limit - that has been sorted now). I have to ring the rescue later, as I need some more food, so will discuss it with them then. In a way I think they will be happy, as they didn't think she had long left, so was reluctant to let me have her cos they didn't want to move her. However, when I went to see the cattery, she sat on my knee and didn't move, so they changed their mind. in 2 weeks, she had gone from barely eating and doing nothing to wolfing a bowl of food and asking for more, and playing, and showing a real interest in life. So at least they will have their wish of her not being moved too much.

Here is a pic of her (already on here I think though) - how could I let this one go?

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oh bless her! and congratulations on getting a new addition to your family!
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She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!
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Have to see if the rescue agree to it first though!!
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oooooo she looks just like my Doofus....She even cuddles like him......And if shes anything like Doofus than I am not surprised that you fell so much in love w/ her...

I am sure the rescue league would have no problem w/ you keeping her...I mean after all how could they...This sweet kit gets a loving home.....and if they will let you foster than they must trust you enough to care for this sweet girl like she deserves....

I am so excited for you, and will be praying that everything goes well w/ the whole situation.....
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I went into fostering determined not to keep any cats, and have managed a while!! Think she might be my 12th foster. The rescue did say she was the kind that got under your skin though. I am sure they will be fine, they just might worry it is the start of me keeping loads and then I won't have room to foster for them (they have already had one foster like that). She hasn't actually sat with me like that since!!
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With the agency I foster for, they pay for all the vet bills until the kitties are adopted. If yours does that, can't you just foster her indefinitely, or at least until her health problems are sorted out?

Let them know you are considering letting her stay permanently, but cannot afford the vet care of another cat. See what they will offer. If they won't let you adopt while they pay the vet care, just keep a detailed folder of her expenses as you foster. If anyone ever wants to adopt, just let them know how expensive she is, and only mention her flaws. "She did poo on the floor last week, and hacks up hairballs, and won't sit on your lap...."
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Well, I spoke to the rescue and just said I wanted to keep her - she said that Molly was the kind of cat that worms her way into your heart as she is such a character (I know why she was reluctant to let me have her initially now) - when I said that she is so energetic now, and eating well and playing, plus gets on with my two she did say that having the extra space at my house was just what she needed. I would prefer to foster her indefinitely, but obviously money is a concern for the rescue then. She is on the rehoming page at the moment, and I was tempted to put people off (she is very demanding, very vocal and temperamental). So while she didn't say anything positive (other than she is bringing de-fleaing treatment with her when she drops the food off), she also didn't say no. When she comes during the week, I will mention about the vet care.
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That's why I have a hard time fostering! I want to keep them all!
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I've always been lucky that either my cats don't like the ones I want to keep or they don't like my cats. Molly is different though. Plus she is 13 and pure black - not the easiest of combinations to home (although I am not the only person she has captivated)
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another pic. I have loved this cat since about the second day of her being here, I did find it odd how much I loved her (and although I hate to admit it, I sometimes prefer her than my female, she is so much more affectionate). I am not 100% sure the rescue took me seriously though, as I have said more than once I wanted to keep Tom (although Ginger doesn't like him so I can't), so will have to make it clear when she comes with the food. One of her other favourite places to sleep is my top step - she is black, my carpet is dark blue, there is a shadow there and I rarely use the stair light!!! Even my friend got caught out earlier, we both thought she was in the box!!

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Perhpas you could mention that you think it will be very hard on her to move to another home at this age when she is doing so well with you?

I hope you get to keep her! BTW-I don't foster for that reason!
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Aaaawww!! That is a really sweet picture.
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Have just spoken to the rescue, and they are willing for this to be Molly's forever home - she didn't really want to move her as she was really bothered when she first arrived at the cattery (she is going to let me know tomorrow just how long she has been with the charity, I know it is at least since April), so I think she is secretly pleased that this sweet girl has found her feet and wont be moving again!! I Am so pleased, even though she isn't as much of a lap cat as she was originally, and she has stopped her habit of lieing on you and touching your face - I think it is because she has more human contact so doens't have a need to touch you and keep you still. She does still like lying under the covers though!!
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