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Kitten poops 1/2 the time in roommate's sink...

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~8 months old. I clean her litter box daily, there's usually poop to be removed, but she poops in my roommate's sink roughly every other time (he says she pees in there too, but I've never seen it). Any suggestions? Is it possible to keep her off the sink?
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First of all, welcome to TCS! You're sure to find lots of help and good advice here. I, unfortunately, wouldn't know exactly how to handle this issue, but I'm sure you'll have some feedback very soon. This is a very helpful and supportive forum. Good luck with your kitty!
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is there any way to close the door so she can't get in there or is there only one bathroom? i have heard that cats don't like citrus smells how about getting some citonella candles and just setting them on the sink you don't have to light them cause they are pretty strong.

oh!! and
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Has the kitten been to a vet? Often when they are pooping inappropriately it is a health issue, that should be ruled out first.
Also please review this thread

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My Tiger used to leave presents in my bath tub and sink. He was healthy and everything, he also pooped in my plant. I know the plant thing was just because he was a stray and he thought that was where he was supposed to go. He doesn't do it anymore though, (knock on wood). If you can close the door to the bathroom I would try that. That is what I did, and sometimes I would forget and he would go in there again. Finally, after closing the door for a while he forgot about it I guess. I don't have to close the doors anymore.
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how many litter boxes do you have?

cats dont like to pee and poop in the same place.

try adding a litter box or two with good quality litter in it.
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first, be sure that it's not a medical problem, as the others said.

but i have a kitty who likes to use the cold hard surfaces like a bathtub to poop (not urinate). I just put a bowl of treats or some water in the place where she usually goes and spray feliway on the surface, and it has been working well!
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If the kitty comes back with a healthy report from the vet...maybe try always leaving some water in the sink when you are not using it.
And try to catch your kitty going in the litter, and when you do, praise, pet, praise ,pet, PRAISE! They may not react to praise the same way a dog does...but they do appreciate it all the same.
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Apache used to do the same thing. Was definately interesting having to rinse out the tub/sink before using it every day.

We ended up putting litter boxes in the places she liked to go (the tub, the sink, etc) and that finally gave her the idea that litterboxes were the right place to go. Cleared up the problem pretty quick.
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