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Happy New Year

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Wishing you all a happy new year.
Have been awake since 6.30 this morning. Stopped smoking yesterday but may well take it up again very soon due to cat stress LOL
My old boy, Winston was very restless and demanding yesterday and decided to wake me at 6.30 this morning by meowing sharply in my ear, followed that up by clawing at the bed covers. Just got him settled when there was a loud crash in the kitchen. Got up to investigate and found that Bernie had pulled the bin over. Cleaned that up, on way back to bed and in the darkness, stubbed my toe off the rocking chair, hopped around cursing for a bit then stood in a nice, warm little package that Eva had left for me. Nice! Its gonna be one of those days! Any one got a cigarette?
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Happy new year to you too
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Happy new Year 2006 Friend!!!
I hope you spended a lovely time with your family!
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I never held much stock in the old superstition about "what you do on NY Day determines how you'll spend your year" If that were true, I'd spend the entire year in bed reading a good book - not an altogether bad idea, but not a very productive one either.

Hope your 2006 takes an upswing soon - and STAY AWAY from the cancer sticks!
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OMG, I'm sorry but it made me laugh....(You're laughing now,right? )but seriously, what a cruddy morning you had!
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I am laughing about it all now but this morning was like a bear with a sore head. I have to admit that a friend came round this afternoon and I did have 2 cigarettes. I am going to keep trying though, just hope I dont have any more mornings like this one LOL
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