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Scabs On The Head?

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Help! I don't know what's happening i have two cats and Usually at night they like to fight, my female cat "Kandy" like to fight with my male cat "Mandy" and Recently My Male cat has been getting scabs on his head, I'm not sure if it's my from the two cats fighting at night and my female cate hurts him, or if he's sick, and i should see a vet? I am so confused and scared.. if someone knows please leave me a message.
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Are your cats inside only cats?
Are they spayed and neutered?
How old are they?
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He could possibly have ringworm, and it may be 'catching' to another cat, so ask the vet right away. It's not serious, but must be taken care of. And use what the vet prescribes, not something from a store, or a friend, etc.
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Well my Male Cat is about a year old, and my female cat is about 5 or 6 months.. not sure.. but neither of them ever go outside.. My mother insists that it's from the female cat scratching him.. but if not.. and it is ringworm, is it costly to get it taken care of.. and if i should get both the cats checked out.? Im lost. I cut his nails everytime thye get sharp[ so they dont hurt each other.. but ringworm.. im not so sure about.. what are the symptoms? here is a picture of a scab on the front side of his head. It's a link.. i dont know how to insert a html picture lol. so herehttp://www.piczo.com/PreciousDiamonds?g=5163125&cr=3
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the only times Ive ever noticed scabs on my cat, long ago, was after fighting. It could also be from flea or other insect bites.
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My kitties fight all the time, well more like play fighting turned bad, but the littler kitty gets a few scabs every now and then.

I think my bigger cat just gets carried away, and bites too hard. Because we JUST got back from the vet a few days ago, and the little kitty is FINE...the vet said the scabs are just from bite marks, and when I see the bigger kitty getting carried away, to separate them.

Which I have been doing, and his scabs are going away. They just ply to hard sometimes. All i can say is yes, they probably are bite mark, if the vet says your kitty is healthy, then that's what it is....but only if you've had him checked out for fleas, or other parasites.

Separate them when playing gets too rough.
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