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my cat won't let me sleep!

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My awesome cat is 5 months old, and needs me and my friend very much. Every day, when we get back from work after being all day out, he immediately jumps over our shoulders and starts licking us.
The problem is : He doesn't let us sleep. We sleep with a closed door, and if we don't wake up early enough in the morning, he starts crying and tries to scratch the door, in order to enter the room.
If he can't enter, he continues to cry...When we go out, even if it's in the middle of the night, he jumps over our shoulders...
What can I do? I don't want to wake up too early in the morning when I don't have to....
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He is lonely. If you get another cat to keep him company he will be less dependant on you. 1 extra cat is not that much more work - honest!
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Do you free feed or feed him in the morning? That's one of the main reasons I have heard for cats waking their people up early. If you get up to feed him when he cries early in the morning even once, they will remember this and try this technique every morning! If he's asking for food, try feeding him in the evening before you go to bed (so he doesn't think he is a poor, neglected starving kitten! ) and then later in the morning.

Is there a reason that you keep the door closed (ie allergies, he's just not allowed in the bedroom, etc.)? Maybe you should consider just letting the little guy sleep in there with you. (This, of course, coming from someone who's cats have full run of the house, and are completely spoiled rotten! ) He may just get lonely after a long night of being alone in the house, especially since he is just a little kitten. He sounds like a bundle of love who may just hate being away from you!

Contrary to popular belief, most cats can be trained so if you really don't want him in the room he can learn that. Consistency is really the key, and a lot of positive reinforcement.

Hope this helps! Also, welcome to the site! It's always nice to see new faces!
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My two cats will cry at any closed door. It is just the fact that it is closed that upsets them. My closet doors are folding doors and they know how to take their paws and pull at the bottom and open the doors. As far as sleeping through the night that's a rare occurance for me. If one isn't nudging to get under the covers and other one is bringing me a toy mouse it just wouldn't seem right. So I wake up lift the covers and pretend to throw the mouse and then stick it under my pillow. The one under the covers finally gets comfortable and the other gives up trying to find the mouse and then we settle in for the night. But, I would just open the door and everyone learn to sleep together.
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I would leave something that smells like you where he sleeps(worn socks work great).

You might want to try leaving the tv or radio on at night for him. I've caught my kitty actually watching occasionally. Also, leave a nightlight on because it's scary in the dark.

Best of all get another cat, now would be the perfect time for introductions. Two is much better than one.

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Another cat would be great, but make sure it's under a year old! That way, it'll go way smoother, as they won't be so "socialized" and SET IN THEIR WAYS. I just did the intro's w/a 4 year old and an established 13 year old.....aaaarrrgggg...... took till now (4 months) for them to really get along, and it was very frustrating and worrisome at times! Good luck - hope you get another and FIX THEM!:tounge2:
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