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Tumor or Hemroid

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So i rescued a kitty from a kill shelter on Thursday and today i noticed poop on the floor. So i was examing him and found either a tumor or hemroid back there. Tomorrow I am taking him to the vet to find out which it is. Has anyone else had this problem with their kitty?
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Could it be a prolapsed rectum or even a problem with his anal glands (they are to the left & right of the anus)? Can you take a pic so we can take a better look?

No matter you are doing the right thing a Vet visit is a must!!
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I can't really take a pic, he wont hold still. But i should know more in a lil while when he sees the vet.
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Yes, please let us know how your baby is doing!
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OH do i feel stupid!!! LOL See i never owned/foster a male kitty who is unaltered. It was his balls that i saw lol
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Oh my! Well, at least he's ok!
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LOL - oh you made my day *LOL*!!!

....and of course I am so very glad he is ok!!
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hehe but he is still going poop outside of litterbox. Vet thinks its behavior issues
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Well I guess that is one good thing..hopefully you are able to resolve the pooping out of the box issue now
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That is the funniest thing i have heard today!
Glad to hear its nothing to serious! Just hilarious!
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O, Mary! I will NOT let you live that one down Here, Murphy wants to show you something:

See, all us boys have these LOL (ps. this pic was taken pre-nueter)

I was really worried there for a minute! Silly, just silly!
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LOL Marg GREAT pic!!! My boy's was bigger lol
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