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I just saw this post, and wanted you to know, I know how VERY difficult it is, to see your dear kitty being so ill. I went through it before, with several different much-loved pets, and my heart is with you.
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My heartfelt thoughts for you -- my Tigger just passed 6 weeks ago
after 2 years of subQs.

Some things that Tigger really appreciated in her last days:

1. I kept a heating pad on all the time, set to the lowest setting,
wrapped in a towel, so she didn't sleep directly on the pad. At night
it was on the bed for her to sleep with me, during the day, I put it
wherever i was working (I work at home) so she could be with me.
The extra warmth meant she didn't have to expend calories to keep

2. We would alternate canned food (from our vet -- super rich liver
pate stuff that actually smelled good to me!) with baby food. All meat
babyfood, checked for NO onion powder. It's highly nutritious and can
be spoon-fed. The wet food also gives them more liquid over and above
the subQ. Sometimes, I would actually "warm" the food with additional
hot water, making it a soup. That was easier for her to lap up, so she
ate more and got more liquid all at the same time.

Something to understand, which I learned from my first cat: They do
not see death as we do -- to them it is a natural thing and they are
more ready for it than we know. Mostly they hang on for us until we
are ready. You and she will know when it's time, but when it is, while
you will be Oh! so sad, know that she will still be with you. I know Tigger
is with me.

Tigger appreciated that I was willing to let her go when she told me it
was time. You're doing the right thing for Mort with all this loving care
and freedom. Bless you!

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One of the voulnteer's on my Sunday crew at the shelter has a cat in a similar situation & she too has switched to feeding her Fancy Feast and it seems to be doing the trick. I think it get's to a point where the best thing you can do for them is allow them to eat what they enjoy. At least are getting some food to help keep up their strength.
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Mort lost her battle with CRF this morning.. I wrote a note in the tribute section. I will post more later when I can get my emotions in check.

Thanks for all your support.
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Heres the link to Mort in the Bridge so i'll lock the thread now


RIP Mort
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