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Excessice Licking - raw and bleeding

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Hello all, I am new here and have a female foster cat who is a compulsive licker. She has her back and stomach raw and is currently wearing a collar for that. Unfortunately she can still reach her back feet and has them licked raw and bleeding, they are an awful mess. I had her to the vet on Thursday (again) and a biopsy was done of her back and tummy to see if there's a bacterial or fungal problem, results are back tomorrow. She is on Medical Hypo food and it's done nothing to alleviate her problem. Is there some way to stop her licking her feet? What can I use to clean her - I'm worried about infection from the litter box etc. Can anyone offer any advice, I'm getting pretty desperate. I am having to wash bedding everyday as she sleeps on my bed.

Please help!
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I hate to suggest it but an e coller ... how long on the hypo food?? how old is kitty??
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First of all...welcome and thank you for fostering this cat. Unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations..but there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this website.

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Originally Posted by sharky
I hate to suggest it but an e coller ... how long on the hypo food?? how old is kitty??

She is wearing an e collar but she can still stretch her feet forward enough to get them. She has been on Hypo for about 2 1/2 months, I've had her for 2 months and I believe she is about 10 years old.
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Has she had a senior panel???

what a flexible girl... I have used fungisan to prevent infection type issues ... my vet suggested hydrocortizone cream... I do suggest calling an er vet or her vet and getting an okay before using anything
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I'm not sure if she had a panel or not, likely not since she's a Humane Society cat and they only do absolutely necessary testing. I will be talking to her vet tomorrow to get her biopsy results and I am praying that they show something.
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I'm having this exact problem with one of my dogs right now. Poor kid is just chewing himself raw.

The vet gave me an ointment that just wasn't doing anything, so out of desperation I picked up some Septi-Clens Medicated Antibacterial Spray w/ aloe and Aubrey Organics Calamine-Aloe lotion. It's the absolute best results I've seen so far.

The spray I picked up at Petsmart in the dog medical section, but the bottle says it's for dogs and cats. It's sort of an all purpose spray that has an antiseptic for cuts, chlorhexidine for bacteria and aloe vera to soothe.

The Aubrey Organics I picked up at my local health food store. It's an organic calamine lotion with aloe to stop the itching.
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I have had good results bathing cats with medicated shampoo.
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My moms cat does that, but its caused by nerves/stress...they have to take a pill daily and sometimes my mom uses a cream because it gets so raw.
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