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Uncooked angel hair pasta. What can I say, I am weird!!!!

What's your favorite thing to do at the beach?
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What is your favourite flower?
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what is your favorite sport
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Stop posting at the same time!!!!


What is your favorite specific food?(not origin or nationality, more like specific food)
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My favorite sport...bargain hunting LOL.

What's your favorite kind of jewelry?
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Aaaaahhhh we have to stop with the multiple posts!!!

Favorite specific food: Eggplant Parmigiana

What's your favorite type of jewelry?
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So should i answer your question?

My favorite kind of manly jewelry is a ring without a stone

What is your favorite card game?
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It's because so many people are posting!

I like silver necklaces and bracelets!

Favourite time of day?
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Haha another at the same time posting,

my favourite card game is Presidents and A*******

Favourite time of day?
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Favorite color?
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Favourite sound to make when you're sneezing?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats

Favourite time of day?
evenings 6-10 pm

Favorite drink? (alcohol or reg.)
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Ah ah ah aha aha ahhh choooooo!

Favorite color of cat?
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Red Classic Tabby

Favourite drink?
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Chocolate milk

Favorite fruit?
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Favorite pizza topping?
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Favorite ice cream flavour?
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Cookies and cream!

Favourite website?
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Do you even have to ask?


What is your favorite (besides domestic) species of cat?
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whats your fav. place to relax
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Probably the tiger

Favourite band?
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Relaxation place, my bed.
Band, The Moody Blues

Your favorite thing(anything, just has to be physical)?
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my renaissance garb

name your fav. hiding place
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Under the bed in my parents' room

Favorite Material(now we see my tiredness)?
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name your fav. color jelly bean
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Name your favorite addative to trail mix!
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name your favourite type of sausage
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I beat you Sam!
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Trail mix additive: almonds
Sausage type: turkey

Ok guys: favorite musical instrument?
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Favourite pub?
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