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Wed. DT

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The Daily Threads are getting started later and later...

Nothing much exciting going on today. My co-worker has a nasty stomach flu and is out sick today. I sure hope that I don't catch it. I get sick time at 6 months, and have been working here almost 5 months. But knowing my luck....

The excitement for my day is that I noticed I made it to Alpha Cat! :flash:

Hope everyone has a great day! It's the middle of the week - we can make it!
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Yeah on the Alpha cat! I am cranky today! People are just pushing my buttons today. Only 2 hrs left to go. New Star Trek Enterprise on tonight, plus the Amazing Race. It should be a good night. Hubby may have to work like - if he does I have to cook - urgh! I hope everyone is having a good day!
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It's a beautiful day outside. I went walking this morning for about 15 minutes. I am doing my walking a little bit at a time. I feel really good afterwards. Took a shower, caught the bus to school, and just finished my classes. I am learning PowerPoint which is kind of exciting! I just had lunch. Pretty good. Tuna fish with crackers, a small can of V-8 juice, and apple sauce. And since I've been drinking water all day, I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Hope everyone is having a great day!
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I'm off, today. Caught a great sale, on cat food and chicken breasts. I found my packet of catnip seeds, next to Opie's bowl, with little holes in it and the packet of catmint seeds, in the living room, in the same condition. I guess the seeds are just as enticing as the plants. Bill's going to plant, when he gets home. Fifty-seven years old and, still plays in the dirt! Do they EVER grow up?:flower:
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Daughter is with her dad tonight. And his "roommate". Who she wanted to talk to on the phone. I know I'm supposed to be mature about this, but it's bad enough with him, I don't need this with my kid too.

My girl got through a day of school with no tears at all, so this is a good thing. She is getting settled in, and she says she likes the work. She had a hard time saying goodbye to me tonight, but I think that will change with time too.

So I am working on my resume tonight. No calls yet, so I just keep modifying it. I have a few versions, with different skills highlighted and different information like salary requirements that some people want and others don't. I don't get the objective statement, tho', are they looking for a career goal or just why you applied to them for that particular job?
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