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Kitty Nicknames

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Since we had a thread about how we named our cats, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone really calls their cats! I can't be the only one....

Trent: Bubba (it evolved from Baby, and it really fits him), Honeybear (that's just mine - hubby doesn't call him that), Little Sh*t (self-explanatory)

Ophelia: Baby Doll (she's so little and cute!), Precious (but don't call her Princess - she gets mad at being called Princess), Little Girl or Little One (she's a tiny little thing!)

So what do you all call your cats?
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Loki aka Yenta
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Pepperpot - Peeps
Sugarly - Sugie or princess (cause she is one)
Merlin - aka the evil one, moomoo, Merl, hey you
Excalibur - Scabby, Scally
Striker - Gweeky
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Rascal can be called My Baby, You, and My boy!
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Opie, AKA Hemmorhoid or Junkie.
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When I call Precious and Blueberry together (to take a nap or to eat), I call BeeBees! That means babies. If Precious doesn't come right away (Blueberry always does; he's needy), all I have to say is, "Where IS my baby girl?"-with the emphasis on IS. She always comes then. My sweet Pixie who died a few years ago, and was the world's loudest purrer-I used to call the Royal Pix. She was black, beautiful, full of dignity, and the undisputed alpha cat among the four that I had, regardless of size. She was also a very good bed buddy, who would fall asleep under the covers with a paw on my lips. Yes, unsanitary, but I couldn't hurt her little feelings.
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He's got a bunch:
Mr. Fitz, Fitzy, Little Man, Stinky cat, Troublemaker, Squeaky.

My boyfriend calls him Tits and Psycho cat
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You know I was thinking this would make a good thread.

Mitzi the oldest and is a little on the hefty side. She's on a diet really!! She goes by Mitts, Meow meow Mitzi, Fatty Mcghee or is known simply as the b***h.

Xavier the youngest is baby boy, Xav, snuggles and snuggle bug and the little black :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:(PLEASE no offence to anyone. He just happens to be a black cat and is a little monster.)

Fallon aka mini Mitzi(they look exsactly alike but Mitzi is a good 10 pounds more) Little weiner girl, Fal fal, Peanut and the weirdo.

Sampson is Sampers, Sampy, The little lion, Sampsonite, Bumbles, Yosimitie Sampson(I don't think I spelled that right) and Mr pampy.

And what the heck I'll include the dogs.

Natala otherwise known as Natala Ala, Ala girl, Pretty pretty, Natalie, black dog, mow mow and sexy legs.

Scooby or Scoobanoodles, Scoob, Scoobanutter, Fat head, and red dog.
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This is great.

Cosmo- Cosmo Baby
Lucy- Lulu
Ethyl(my dog)- Methyl Ethyl
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I call my cat Tabitha, "moma" and Merlin is "Merlonski" or "the Merlinator" That's the only two that I call anything other than their names, that I can think of.
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Snowball has several nicknames: baby, sweet thing, cutie, he loves to sit on people's laps so we also call him our lap top cat.
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Pepper: Boo, Booda, Princess Pepper,
Tigger: Schma, Tiggy, Tiggy Boy
Vader: Mr. Mucles, Zade
Mimi: Mimola, Pretty Girl
Twinkles: Twinkie, Twinks
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Let's see . . .

Blackie - Backie, Back-a-boodle-boo, Boodle, Boo, Bubeleh, my boy, beast

Sparky - Sparkers, Sparkles, Mr. Parker, Sparks, little lion, smug boy, snuggler

Fred - Fweddy, Fredlet, Sugarpud (pud like in pudding, because he's sweet and pure white)
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Sadie gets called: SadieMae, SweetSadie, Mama's Girl

Soltie: SoltieSue; Baby Girl; Stop That; Down; Out of There;

The both of them: Girls
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Gabrielle - Gabby, Gabbs, Gabberwocky, Gabbermins
Tifa - Baby Tifa, Teef, Tubby Tifa (yes, she is a little chunky!)
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Noah~Mr. Noah Naze, Naze, sweetie, sweetheart, Poo
Cleopatra~baby Naze, baby, Cleo

Such fun!
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Oh boy!! I've seen some of the nicknames I use already mention here!! haha!!

Boddington = Bod, Chunky butt, Chubsy, dumpling, Mummy's baby bunter.
Shandy = Stumps, Stumpy, Stumpers(she has very short little legs!)
Merlot = Merle, Squerle (as in Merle but with sq instead of M)Smurfle.
Monty = Montyzooma, Zoomer, freaky boy, ugly butt, Ganglion, Heamorrhoid (or however you spell it!?!?)psycho.
Ash = Big man, Tubby, Grumpy ass, Snuggle butt, Tubsy, Hefter.
Pipkin = Pip, Squeak, Squeaker, Gecco, Pippykin, Pipster, and occasionally - the Pip mobile! hahaha

Collectively they are known as : Mummys Munchkins, and All Mummys Little Smurfs!!
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Boo-BooBoo, princess

and I call both of them Beebees (like babies).

This was a good idea for a thread.
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zazu responds to his name.
he also responds to handsome.
he responds to big daddy. (my husband calls him that)
also.. if you snap your fingers..... he will come!!!

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Bailey > nylon, skinny-girl, big mouth

Britches> moo-moo kitty, ox, pumpkin, love-bug
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Hi all, I am new here, and couldn't resist this thread!
I named my kitty Diablo, but his nicknames are:

My baby
Mama's boy ("Mama's" used in combination with any nicknames in the list)
Beautiful boy
Hey You
babbas (which is a variation on "Baby", "beebee", etc.)
My purty boy
My sweet boy
Handsome (sometimes used between "My" and "boy")
My sweetie
Good boy

And the list goes on
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Angus get;s the brunt of the nicknames:

Dingus (my personal fave), Anus (lazy baby-talk "angus" without the G, not meaning it in a bad way), Gus, Asparagus, Guussy Guus (goosy-goose)

Satey IS a nickname. He gets called baby, puddy, pussy, sweetie (as well as schweety), Tatey, sugar (tuger) pie

I'm a retard
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