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Help My Cat Smells Like ...

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PEE every time she wakes up she smells like pee. I can't give her a bath because she will not stay in the water but I do not know what to do. HELP!!!:
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Couple of suggestions - As a temporary solution - one that some gave on this site - stud diapers (yes diapers for cats!). Breeders over in the breeders list can tell you about them. But is is only temporary...

Second - how old is this cat? Has she lost bladder control due to age? Is she peeing in her sleep? Details please. This will help us help you!

Third - has this cat been to the vet? She may have what is called urinary tract infection (UTI) which can make for peeing problems...or she could have some other problem that is easily cured. So, first thing - get her to a vet.

Lastly - bathing a cat does no good. They don't like water and it
isn't good for them. Quit bathing her. She will take care of the pee
smell by licking herself. (Cat saliva has a natural deoderant in it, which is why cats don't have a "smell" like dogs do...)

so, give us a bit more detail, don't panic and let's see what we can
do to help you and kitty...
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I agree with everything up there except the no bathing part. Although cats don't like baths sometimes they really do just need them. My Mama cat had diarrhea and we had to give her a trim and a bath. My babies I give baths to every so often and when I first got them I gave them baths often to get rid of the humane society smell and to get them used to it. So if you're interested in giving her a bath there's some posts on here that can help.

Do you ever watch her go to the bathroom? I know it sounds invasive but if you haven't then you should check it out and see what's going on. My Otis squats too low when he pees and gets his fur on his underbelly wet. This usually makes him smell pretty strong of pee.
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