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Selena (Mama's daughter)

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For those who don't know, my Mama is the mother to Megan. Mama had two girls and 2 boys. One boy died. I was fortunate in that I had two people that I used to work with that took two of the kittens. They both sent me updated pictures for Christmas What is so bizarre is that both of the adopting families already had cow kitties.

Rocket as a baby

Rocket and his brother adopted brother Simon last Christmas (Rocket is on the top)

Rocket this year

Selena as a kitten

Selena and her adopted older brother Ed

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How Cute!!!!! It must have been so hard to part with them. Selena and Ed do not look like they are "adopted" brother and sister.
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awww cows!!
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Wow, Chris! It's so wonderful to get to see Megan's brother and sister!Rocket sure does have a lot of personality, doesn't he! Selena is just precious! Look at her sweet countenance! It really is amazing they were adopted into families that already had cow kitties! They have such a resemblance to Megan! Mama must be overjoyed to see her babies after all this time!
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Right, Stephanie. If I showed her she'd probably start growling
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Awwwww, how beautiful they are! It certainly looks like they're both doing VERY well in their new homes!!!
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Those are ADORABLE kitties!!! Great marking on them!
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Such angels! And they seem to be very well-adapted!!
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Gosh, they are such beautiful kitties! I just love those markings on cats, they are so pretty.
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I'm in love! Mama's babies are sooo adorable!
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Oh they are so adorable! I'm glad they have wonderful homes and you still get to see updated pictures of them! I know that would mean a lot to me!
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Awww, they are precious. Selena and Ed look like twins, they look cute together. Moo!
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Originally Posted by captiva

Rocket and his brother adopted brother Simon last Christmas (Rocket is on the top)

That picture is hilarious!!
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Adorable kitties!
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they are just beautiful!
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My, how they grew! They are so cute, I just love their patterns.
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