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Tear Duct - blockage

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Any Veternarians on line or connected or long time cat owners with more vast experiences? My cat, Princess (16 yrs old and only 6 lbs) has a bit of a blocked tear duct. Minor tearing along her nose makes a dark marking which I have been rinsing with water. I have an ointment "VetropolycinHC" that I received before when this happended but I don't know if I should just go ahead and use it again. I have an appt to take her in next week but did not know if anyone had any interim advice to share. Another issue is that she has gotten intimidated by my other cat, Snowy, (6 yrs old and fat at 16 lbs) and Princess has taken to spending all of her time in the various closets if I am not holding her. She also eats very little. Is she shutting down? Thanks for any shared experiences or advice.
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I cannot help you with the blockage problem, but I would suggest you isolate your poor frightened kitty in a room with litter, food and water where she will feel safe from your other cat.

Were they introduced properly to begin with? Have they ever gotten along well? You may have to re-introduce them slowly.

I'm glad you are taking her to the vet - the sooner the better IMO.
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Has she ever been diagnosed with Feline Herpes? If so, adding some L-lysine could help boost her immune system--it helps my kitty when he has sneezing fits. When you take her to the vet, ask them to run a senior panel if you haven't had one done recently. Has she lost weight, or was she always a smaller kitty? She could be trying to show you that she isn't feeling well. With the proper medication, she could bounce back, so please don't assume she's shutting down yet.
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Thanks for feedback Yosemite and cloud_shade.

cloud_shade: No, Princess has never been diagnosed with Feline Herpes so, I do not think she needs L-lysine but I would get that (is it at any pet store?) if it would be a good thing for her to boost her immune system as you say. I think you are right with the fact that she is trying to tell me she doesn't feel good. In Oct 04 I almost lost her and she went into hospital for a week. She had an infection of some type and could bearly walk one day; it most likely was being caused by failure of some type and new vet tried to say it was her age but I had just had all her blood work done 3-4 months before and she was healthy so I knew it was just something bad...maybe drinking off of driveways where they was some oils or coolant? But, she bounced back. They wanted me to keep doing intravenous drips but I could not do that after a couple days and it has been just over a year. She has always been small since I adopted her. I will post update after I take her in. I will see if I can get an earlier appt.

Yosemite: Don't know if I handled introduction of my two cats properly 5 yrs ago. I first isolated the new cat (Snowy) then introduced Princess to her by holding new cat and letting Princess check Snowy out. (To explain a bit..Princess was always skittish and even after 16 yrs she will not let me nor anyone else directly approach her with any rapid motion or movement; she comes if I tap the ground or my lap...more of a sign language...of if I am motionless watching TV or in bed.) Princess typically always hisses at Snowy and I have also seen her stand her ground to smack Snowy if Snowy approaches her; they would flip who got to sleep on the bed when I would be gone a couple days and then flip back to routine with Princess on bed again when I got home. Snowy has always just wanted to play with Princess but Princess won't because she won't let anyone really get close (unless you are seated then she will go for your lap or lie on your chest without you asking; she goes where there is no comotion where she feels safe)...yet they sit within 2 feet of each other when they watch me do yard work or a times when they lay on the bed. I spent the full day with them observing. Princess leaps over a snoozing Snowy or goes around her...just obvious avoidance which has been the case all of the time since I have had Snowy. Is there a better way to have handled introduction? They both know it is their home; Snowy is just being more demanding of my attention now; she sees me always holding Princess and now she has started to beg to be picked up and held (which I do...but with approx. 16 lbs of her...it is a feat to just hold her)..she is also the sweetest cat and anyone can approach her to pet her. We three girls do ok. I, of course, just wish they would be nurturing to each other but from all the cats I have known, it happens with some and not others and I think in this case it won't happen. I think Princess being abandoned at a young age is part of it; I do not think she ever was nurtured much until I adopted her from being left outside (even though I am allergic to cats!). She was so so thankful to come inside and sleep on your lap...that was it...and here we are 15 yrs later. I will keep you posted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
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Sounds like you did the introductions just fine. Seems to just be as you observed, Princess doesn't do up close and personal.
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Just a short update:
Princess' kidneys weren't working too well. Dr was not very responsive - i.e., did not call with test results when he said he would; he said he thought he heard a heart murmur (sp?)...then said thyroid seemed swollen...took blood and urine sample said he'd call back with results...didn't (thus bad rating in my book); I called, found out he went home...demanded results and suggestions...asked if I should give her fluids (injetion)- told to wait; only to get call next morning while I am at work and told to immediatly administer fluids....what a mess....so for a week I have been giving her fluids, some baby food, some Sheba food now....whatever she will eat...and she eats just alittle now. They said no infection....nothing wrong with thyroid...nothing more about heart...so we are on our own a bit but I will take her to vet around end of week again to another doctor or maybe different clinic; in the mean time...I did find out she had fleas but being white I never saw any nor combed any out of her but the droppings were on her...dr said do nothing for those at the moment...and the other reasons I took her in was for eyes (blocked tear duct), routine shots and teeth cleaning...but clinic admin said they don't give shots to older cats (she is 16) and dr said to not worry about other issues at the moment. I will see how strong she is by end of week. She has cubby holes she hides out in...including one in the garage when I do laundry (and she did get stuck in garage and rang the jingle bells tied to door knob I taught her to ring if she got closed in there...I heard her ring and all was well but that was good that she is doing what she needs to do...she is a smart cat). Very sweet and very cuddly right now. When she wants to cuddle I spend approx. 30-45 min with her at least twice a day on the weekend just snuggling. She isn't yet strong enough to play slap hand or hide and seek under the rug but time will tell.
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