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scratching a lot

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I've noticed Chloe scratching a lot lately. She was at the vet 2 weeks ago for her finaly shot and was given a clean bill of health. She's also white so fleas would be fairly easy to spot. I know my skin is really dry right now but don't really know what to do if that's the problem for her. Suggestions?
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do you have a humidifier in the house??

If no you can get decent ones for 10-30 dollars
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Even though you think fleas would be easy to spot, they are very good at hiding in a cats thick undercoat. A simple thing to do would be to get a flea comb and comb your cat. If you find live fleas then that is your problem. Also look for flea dirt- it looks like regular dirt but when you get it wet it turns red- this would also indicate that your cat has fleas. If this is the case a very simple solution would be to go back to your vet and but some advantage, revolution or frontline. These are all very good products that would kill all the adult fleas very quickly and last for 1 month each application.
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The vet just checked for fleas so that's not the problem. I've got to get the humidifier going anyway, have just been lazy. But now I've got an upper resp infection and the doc said to try a vaporizer. Thanks for the info.
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has she been safely flea-treated? This is the time of year when the fleas move indoors and take up residence in our family pets. I would flea treat her with advantage or frontline just to be safe.
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