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I guess hubby's parents gave up their 13 year old cat to a shelter Supposedly it was because his mom was having inner ear problems and also their cat would always lay on top of his mom at night, and she could never sleep. They tried shutting their bedroom door, but she always meowed.

It made me sad/mad to hear this because he didnt know what type of shelter they took her to. I said I hope it wasn't a pound or a kill shelter because I know what will happen. He got mad when I said that. Well, hey, his parents could've tried other alternatives.
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Unfortunately, they are 2 hours away from us.
When I made the comment about how I hoped they didn't take her to a kill shelter, he was like "well, it was their decision," "and, don't try to be one of those animal activists people who get involved in everything because you don't know the whole story." I just don't know why his parents decided to do what they did. They talked about giving her away about 3 years ago because of the same reason, but his mom couldn't do it. Sorry, but it's just irritating to even think about what they did. SO, she had a behavior problem, and that I don't think was even a behavior problem.... they could've done something like maybe take her to a animal behavior consultant or something. Please, I hope they took her to a safe place ..... All hubby said was that they "had to give her up" I honestly don't have any remorse for them, but I feel sad for their cat because she was such a friendly cat.

If hubby knew I was typing all of this, he'd be at me, too.
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Tigger, that is a very sad situation. Hopefully they inadvertently took her to a good, no-kill shelter. We can only hope for the best. It's so hard when the situation is completely out of your control, and there is no reasoning with the people involved. All I can say is that it sounds like your mother-in-law did care for the cat since she couldn't give her away 3 years ago. I'm sure it was a very difficult decision for her, and hopefully she did the best she could with finding a place for the cat that would give her the best chance for adoption.
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I don't balme you for being upset!!! That poor cat had a good home for 13 years, and now it is probably so lost and confused, and wondering why it was left behind!!!! Poor thing!!!!! It didn't do anything wrong!!!
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Tigger, you have to go somewhere with your sad feelings or they live in your heart and weigh you down. If hubby doesn't share your opinion (and he doesn't have to), at least you know we do.

I'm a little surprised they didn't offer you the cat before giving it away. Two hours each way is a drive after work, but on a Saturday, to rescue a cat and give a good home to a beloved pet . . .

But there are people who prefer an adult cat over a kitten, so perhaps she has a new home.
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That is awful!!! I share your opinion with that situation. So sad for that cat We can only hope it was a good place he/she goes to.
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Hubby said they said she went to a good home........ I asked him about that.
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Thats such sad news. At least the cat went to a good shelter. Maybe if its not too late, you can go and rescue it. It sounds like she really loved the cat though, since she couldn't give it up 3 years ago.
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Unfortunately, we couldn't take her in. She was an only cat and doesn't like other animals.
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I am glad to hear your hubby said they told him she went to a good home...that makes me feel better.
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