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Happy New Year!

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From Bangkok! After a full 24 hours travelling, Rune and I finally made it to Thailand (Yes, and I still can't tear myself away form TCS!) We're going to travel south to Phuket tomorrow (13 hour bus ride).

We had a nice flight from CPH to Moscow - closely followed by 10 hours looooong wait, then another 10 hour flight which happened to run over the turning of the new year. So we had a party and free champagne on the flight with a bunch of really drunk, really noisy Russians! But we made it.... my digital camera didn't. Some little git snitched it out of my luggage... so I fully intend to have Aeroflot compensate me for that! OH well... no pictures this time

Anyway... I hope the start of 2006 is good to you all!!
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i cant believe they stole your luggage!
I always buy small proper locks when i fly i never use the normal luggage locks because everyone has the same bloody key!
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Happy New Year! Have a fantastic vacation!!!
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Happy New Year!!!!!!!
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Have a great time in Thailand!

Sorry about your camera - that really sucks.
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That's exciting, Emma - I'm sure you'll love Thailand. It's too bad about your camera. Enjoy the weather - they're predicting a whole week of snow in Western Europe!
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Ok folks, little update because I can - I've got about an hour to play with here so....

Best beloved and I are just back in Phuket town after spending a week on Ko Raya - and my, it's as picture perfect as the postcards! We're now qualified open water scuba divers too - and that proved interesting!! We've been monsooned on a couple of times - out of season, because the weather has been a bit screwy - but our last dive we finally made it out of Ao Batok bay and to the southern side of the island and into slightly deeper water. Still not a huge amount to see though because some of the reefs have been ripped up with the tsunami, but apparently the very next dive came back with a report of seeing a huge manta. Damn! We missed it! Nevermind! We're heading back north to Bangkok tomorrow and thinking about heading into the east a bit to see a little different scenery... waterfalls and mountains and stuff. We're both... well, sunkissed might be a bit tame.... say, "solar-snogged" and loving every minute! It'll be nice to get out of mosquito country for a little bit though I think, I've been virtually eaten alive over the last week!

Anyway... back to the rest of the board I think
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Happy New YEAR my friend! a little be lated.....I hope have you a terrific time!!! ..

We´re waiting for the pic´s!!!
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