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Cat Headlines for April 2002

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Here are the recent cat headlines (mostly April with a bit of late March )

Cat-astrophy averted! Feline's actions allow family to flee from burning home
Gleaner - April 3, 2002
Mobile cat unit returns to city
Bristol Press - April 2, 2002

Feeling feline: Judging cats all in the hands
The Frederick News-Post - April 1, 2002

Vaccine for deadly cat virus is approved
Miami Herald - March 31, 2002

Short-legged cats branded 'freaks'
East Anglian Daily Times - March 31, 2002

119 In Cat Years, But Charlie Is Feline Fine
This is Leicestershire - March 29, 2002
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Cool!! The record breaking "old age" kitty lives here with me!!! (I mean in my city hahahaa) Cool!!
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That is great that they approved the FIV vaccine! I just saw on TV the other day that they are studying lions because they are not affected by FIV. They are trying to figure out what it is in their genetics that makes them immune to this disease.
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I can't believe that Charlie has lived that long! Its amazing.
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Too bad the UK Cat Fancy have their facts soooo totally wrong about Munchkins!!! "They can't climb or jump properly" - Uh yeah right...... Sandie - I think you ought to send them that pic of your Munchkin climbing the bathroom door!!! Hahahaha!!! How the hec did he get up there if he can't climb or jump!?!?!?!?! Miracle!!!!! hahaha
(sorry Im such a sarcy cow sometimes.... hahahah)
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Good Samaritan in cat fight with proclaimed owner
The Sun Herald - April 14, 2002

Pet-shelter officials respond to criticism
Press-Republican - April 13, 2002

PawPrints: Feral cat problem is a human problem
Shore Line Times - April 10, 2002

Miss Kitty’s more than teacher’s pet
Baytown Sun - April 6, 2002

Kitty makes her way into cupboard
The Sun Herald - April 5, 2002

No-kill shelter a bucolic setting for 1,500
Philadelphia Inquirer - April 11, 2002
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When one of the board member's cats go missing, a whole passle of students show up to search? I am so glad they found Ms. Kitty.
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Friends of Cats look out for homeless felines
The Pawtucket Times - April 22, 2002

Cat's tail dooms its day in the shade
The Taunton Gazette - April 19, 2002

Official faces discipline in death of cat
St. Petersburg Times - April 18, 2002

Kitty Convention takes a practical, or psychic, look at felines
SignOn San Diego - April 15, 2002

Denver veterinarian develops kitty litter for troubled felines
Denver Business Journal - April 12, 2002
\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t \t\t\t
New reward offered in animal cruelty case
St. Petersburg Times - April 21, 2002

Be warned - the last one describes a gruesome case of animal cruelty - not for the faint of heart!
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Animal rights bill for Scotland not practical, says SSPCA
The Herald - April 29, 2002

Millions log on to find out how patient Frank is feline
Cambridge News - April 28, 2002

Breeder, former WNY resident shows award-winning felines
West New York Reporter - April 21, 2002

Kit in a can has eight lives left
icHuddersfield - April 28, 2002

Anger as cat dies in snare
icCoventry - April 27, 2002

Summer birthing: They arrive unwanted in our world
Daytona Beach News Journal - April 27, 2002

U pet-care project gives owners peace of mind
Star Tribune - April 25, 2002
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