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Originally Posted by joecool
Im in the minority here.... I vote for Isis.
Me too. She is a beauty though! She looks just like my mom's blueberry.
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Luna Eve (beautiful name) is a gorgeous little girl. Congratulations! She reminds me a lot of my Katie (full name Kathleen Mary).
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I am catching up late (AGAIN!) what a great story! Luna Eve is a beautiful little kitty How blessed are the both of you for finding each other And as far as going to the shelter just to look, come on now, you knew you could'nt resist another CONGRADS!!!
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congratulations on your new baby! she's so lovely! i see you've already decided on Luna [from your beautiful new sig!]. i actually almost adopted 2 cats over the holidays, too, but both had already be adopted when i called/emailed about them. i don't think i'm supposed to have another, yet.
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Oh she's beautiful. We were `just looking' when we got Ruby. D'oh!!
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Originally Posted by sharky
Luna or Isis

She's a beauty!!
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