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Maj. Grey Sighting!

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Maj. Grey was sighted yesterday at 4 pm!!
He was probably coming in the yard or in yard
to eat, and then I scared him out not knowing
he was there (lots of hidey holes in my yard...)

I immediately got out the cat food can, tapped it
and opened it and called him. He ran out of the yard
to the gully (I was close enough to establish it
was him, but not close enough to inspect him)
He was indecisive about coming
back to the yard. He disappeared down the gully.

I put the food out for him - and then checked about 1.5 hrs
later when it was dark. Someone had come and eaten
the food - I am fairly sure it was him. YES!!

This am - no Grey Just the nasty cat going to the
gully (prob. to look for Grey and keep him "away").

I left food anyway.... seems Grey is switching to
eating only once at night. Because of this
bully cat...

I am doing the trapping based on weather and
trap availability... prob. this week if I can
manage or early next. Then I'm off on vacation
a few days. I REALLY want to get Grey fixed
and inside before I go away.

Send me vibes and prayers I can a) get the trap
(need to borrow and the person is slow about
getting traps to people) b) don't know how to do
and c) good trapping weather!!!

I'm telling the neighbors today that trapping
will be taking place in the next couple of weeks
so to keep cats in during dark hours....

(and that may encourage the owner of nasty
cat - IF she is the owner that is - to
keep her cat inside!!)
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It's good you plan to trap this understanding is that boneless, skinless KFC is a really good bait. Yes, warn your neighbors so they can keep their cats indoors...explain that any cat that ends up in the trap is going to the vet to be spayed/neutered).

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That is fabulous news! Hope you can get him (and not catch every cat BUT him! )!
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Wonderfull news. I hope you catch him. Good Luck
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Good luck! ~~~~go into the trap major gray~~~~ (that's me hypnotizing him)
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Thanks all! Well see. Maj. Grey totally regressed
since the fight - he used to stay in yard and talk to me,
now he seems afraid of me since the fight

I do hear KFC is the way to go, LOL!! We will try it!

I will keep all posted. Am doing the neighbor visits tonight
to warn them to keep kitties indoors for the next month or
so as I go about the trapping business!!

Wish me luck that I get him on first try. My neighbor
unintentionally caught him in trap in fall, when I was
away and she was not able to keep inside. OTW we'd
have done him on the spot. So I am concerned he
may avoid trap. Sigh. Well, we'll keep at it - any
expert trappers out there in my 'hood?

In case I need some assistance with a "wiley" grey
cat, LOL?

PS. clippix your abbie looks like my Lexi girl, and your
divine grey one resembles my Grey's color!
(pics of my lovely kitties are -
so far can't get photobucket to work right!)
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Have you tried putting food out for Major Grey, then just standing outside near the food for a while? When we began caring for Moo cat on our back porch, pesky baby raccoons and opposums kept taking Moo's food that we set out, so my kids or I waited outside with Moo cat while he ate his food.

Maybe human presence by the food outside or near Major Grey will help keep pesky bully cats away? This may be wishful thinking and outside cats tend to roam, but you never know...
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Good luck!
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Acutally, I used to wait for him, put the food out and
take up. He would even come when called.

But he regressed and now won't even come in
for sometime after "the call" - IF he's in the hood to hear.
I have to check constantly to see if he's in the yard

I suspect the other cat(s) keep him away from coming -
and my time is limited by having to go to work

But yesterday I sighted him - he wasn't coming
near the house for food - but I whipped out a can
and called him softly from the gully. He started to come,
but a dog walker got in the way.

So I whipped down
to the walker and engaged them, then Grey ran for
my gate!! He went in, and ate fast. He had gone
by the time I came back (and I didn't even
see him leave!) and checked on the food.

This am - food out - at 7:45 am, no Grey in sight.
Dry but getting ready for rain. I gave the "call"
and then I left food - had to
go out. Lexi was down by the gully - interested
in someone or something... suspect Grey
may have been lurking.

Was Back at 10am, checked food. Food eaten.
Could have been my piggy little Lexi gurl, or
hood cats, but crossed fingers and hoping it
WAS Grey!

But he didnt' stay in the yard tho - I checked the hidey holes ...
so is holed up for the day somewhere dry, I hope
and pray...

My going away for xmas disturbed the pattern -
I guess when I was away, the other cats sized
the moment and came into the yard...

Now that I'm here, they aren't doing that as much,
and I'm keeping an eye for Grey out. So when I see -
I feed him, pronto. (And stick around to make sure if I
can that he is feeding..)

I had ALMOST got him to come inside to eat when it
was very cold. Now tho, back to square one. Until
I trap. If at all possible I will hold him inside to see
how he manages. If he is able to deal with it
and "tames" down - then we will be right - he was
probably someone's cat at somepoint. If he freaks -
I'll have to let him back outside

Lets all pray he can cope with the indoor thing -
indeed that he loooves getting sleep and food
and resting on a nice warm bed...
And picks up litter box habits quick!
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Keep trying!
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Thanks! Grey probably came round midnight for a second feed...

He is trying to figure out when the neighbor cats are around.

I spoke w/ her BTW and told her I'd be trapping - I had to
return her her cat 3 times now from my yard!! GRRRR...
He's coming for food and the shelter I put out - doghouse.

Apparantly this owner lets him roam (sans tags or collar)
and says "he gets my door open on his own!" Yeah, RIGHT!

He's a total love ball of a cat .. not too bad with others ...
but definitely wanting alpha dom.

BUT I don't want him in my yard!! I am putting a food
bowl by HER gate, plus the one in mine for Grey -
to feed them... so they may not wander over as much
to nibble...

AND I asked if she needed a shelter...
"OH no, I have one out there" she told me..
they just don't use it.. (as in
yeah, because you put the cats out and forget to let them
back in... they don't let themselves out on their own!!)

Anyway ... I may even just go in the yard and help
her set it up so that her cat "likes" it better than
mine!! I think he likes mine cause its up high on steps..
hers is on the ground and he may feel insecure.

Give her some concrete blocks to get it off the ground...

Meantime, dealing with a horrible skin infection in Diablo -
just noticed all his fur falling out ... investigating and
it was coming by handfuls. Eeks. I am so devoutely
hoping its NOT ringworm, but rather something like manage
that can be treated quickly...

Anyone have any good experience w/ skin disorders??
The skin doesn't look red where the fur falls out, and
there are these brown "dots" in the skin... almost like
the root of fur? but not everywhere, just in the main
areas where the fur fell out... could it be blood from
something (mites) eating ??? The skin is flaking off
wierdly too.. And the pattern ins't circular...

Vet visit ASAP I guess. Sigh. Money come, money
go to cats, LOL!
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Sending you good vibes , your getting there , hope its this week im dying to know what happens next i feel good things for you and greay fingers crossed cheryl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Originally Posted by opilot
PS. clippix your abbie looks like my Lexi girl, and your
divine grey one resembles my Grey's color!
(pics of my lovely kitties are -
so far can't get photobucket to work right!)
I really need to update my signature. My Abbie went to the bridge last October, and the kittens on the signature were all feral kittens I had last year, and are all adopted into homes...but the "divine grey" one still has my heart...he still stands as my favorite foster baby ever!

I checked out your link to your photos. I couldn't find any pictures of your babies, but it sure looks like you had fun in the Adirondacks! I'm sure they're beautiful babies!
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