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Cat tree location ? help me

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When my kitten's cat tree arrives I can put it in one of three places. Can I have some feedback?

1. the guest suite/study- where she sleeps at night and where I work on the computer - she has a cat table and vertical scratching surface and her food is in this room too. litter boxes are in the adjoining bathroom. it might be overkill- she also gets to the windows overlooking the yard via the back of the sofa. but she also spends the most time in this room and feels the most secure.

2 the den - where we play chase and jumping on and off the furniture and where we all snuggle during tv watching. but it cant be directly in front of a southern window. (just an east window) but the cat tree in this room might extend her territory a little or too much?

3. the living room (north window) where I dont really want her on the furnitire all the time- so a cat tree may keep her off the furniture? but we spend less time in there unless I am reading. It's a more formal "company is over" room.

Generally she likes to be in whatever room I and my husband are in.
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That's a really tough question. I generally follow the "half-way rule": half way between where the cat regularly sleeps and eats. Jamie has a ceiling-high cat tree in the living room, and a scratching post in our upstairs study, plus an upholstered chair and a throw rug there that he's allowed to destroy. He also has elevated/window perches in the living room, kitchen, and guest bedroom, plus scratching boards/mats on the walls/floors of those rooms, and in the downstairs hallway. In short, he has his "zone" in just about every area of the house, and actually uses his "specific furniture", rather than destroying "our" stuff.
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I'd suggest whichever room you can put it in front of a window.
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I think the room that you spend the most time in.
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I suggest putting one in front of every window, but that's just me... If I had to choose, it would be in the den.
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I would vote for number #2. That way she can hang around with you etc. sound like she has plent of places in spot #1.
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Don't ask me, we have one in every room but the bathroom. I am seriously considering putting one in the master bathroom when it is finished. I have a friend that makes condos for a living and he said he would design one that won't be affected by the steam.
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I vote for the den near a window. I always put my cat trees near a window. Added bonus to lay on the top and have a "birds eye view" of what's going on.
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