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Clyde's Been Missing For Four Days

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I usually let Clyde out every morning if it's not raining or bad weather. This routine has been normal for 2 years now, and the longest he's been out has been about 42 hours. I let him out Wednesday at 6am, and haven't seen him since. I have driven all the neighborhoods I think he frequents, but no sign.

He's neutered, but I don't know if this is just an extended "Tomcat" outing of if he's hurt somewhere.


Longview Mike
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My feral cats have disapeared for a few days - and I always panic. But happily they always come back home. Hopefully yours will too!

Good Luck!

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Have you tried calling your local shelters? He may have been picked up, maybe you should also post some lost kitty fliers. I know there's a link somewhere on here about inside cats getting lost outside (includes suggestions such as setting humane kitty traps), but I'm not sure that would apply to your inside/outside cat. I hope he comes back ok.
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Don't give up. He could show up when you least expect it! I'm still hoping for Percy to make his way home, and he's been gone 3 weeks now. Good luck!
post #5 of 13 will help you figure out how best to find Clyde- Good Luck!
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Clyde and Sunnicat, I hope your kitties will be home safe and sound very soon. I'm saying a prayer for them to find their way home to each of you. God bless you! Think positively and keep your hope up and keep looking - I'm sure they will soon will be home before you know it. I just read about Fwan's kitty coming home after two weeks! I pray for a happy reunion for you and your kitties VERY soon.
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I've been out driving around and showing his picture to lots of people, and went in a 3 mile radius looking everywhere he might have gone. I also found out that he regularly crosses a 4 lane busy thoroughfare to check out the "Sonic Drive-in" dumpster. I just hope he didn't get hit. Just pray for him and and I hope anyone else who lost their loved one finds them soon.

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Mike, my heart goes out to you. I almost lost Diablo to a car accident.
He didn't come home one night, and I went to bed. On night later in the very
early am he dragged through his pet door. He climbed the stairs and
collapsed behind my computer desk. When I found him, his chest wasn't moving and he wasn't responding. I thought he was dead, from day one.

When I found him I rushed to the vet, and we managed to save him.

So, start calling vets near the Sonic or in that area. If he was hit and survived, then someone would take him to a vet! (remember the good souls out there like us!)

Check in drain pipes, under bushes and other hidey holes. Cats that are
lost or injuried like to "lay up" in holes...

I know its cold comfort but if the worst thing happened - animal control would pick him up and make case notes/record of it. Get down their pronto in person and check with them.

Also, check your local shelter PRONTO since if a neighbor or other brought him there they may only keep a few days before PTSing. I've heard horror stories about that.

Finally, ask around the businesses - near the Sonic - bring your cat pic with you, "have you seen this cat?"

In person is best if you can manage it. Post a reward - but be prepared
to screen out people who just want the reward...

Lastly, are there any cars/trucks he might have climbed into and
taken a ride in?

And does Clyde carry id? Chip, tag & collars?

Finally, prayers are with you for his safe recovery.

Most lost cats are found/lost with in 1 mile block of home - so
concentrate on close to home...

Sending prayers with all my...
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I talked to two people who have seen him, one on Friday and one on Saturday afternoon. I've listed him at the Humane Society and several vets.

Keep hoping for me!!

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I`m hoping that you get your cat back....I`m so sorry for all the worry you are having. I praying that he is OK.
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I hope he comes back soon
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find him.
post #13 of 13 has good tips for finding a lost cat. I hope he comes back home soon.
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