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I'm such a dork....

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and a disappointed dork at that!

I read this story on CNN earlier this week about adding an extra second to the clocks at midnight. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/12/25/lea...eut/index.html So, since the casinos didn't go so well for us tonight, we were home at midnight. And we have an atomic clock, so leading up to midnight we were watching the seconds to see it read 11:59:60. AND IT DIDN'T DO IT!!!!! How disappointing.

Did anyone else do this too, and did your clock read the extra second?
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Poor Heidi. I had not heard about that at all.
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I'd heard about it, but since all the clocks here at work have a different time on them LOL it was impossible to tell....
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If any two clocks in my house are within 5 minutes of each other, it is usually by accident. One second one way or the other will not be noticed.
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I will let you know- we have 3 atomic clocks
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I haven't heard of that either, but your dorkiness has rubbed off on me cuz I started singing Atomic Clock"
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According to my newspaper, the "leap second" is supposed to take effect at 5 pm MST.
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So did it just stay at :59 for a second longer, then? Maybe they're not programmed to go to :60, but you're right, that would have been cool.
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I think they sync at specific times. I'm sure if you were watching during the sync time, it would have moved.
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I watched, too, Heidi, and then realized that the second was being added at 23:59:59 GMT, an hour behind us. I forgot to watch at 1:00 a.m..
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