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Real Story...

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Ok. This kid was standing on the overpass of I-90, he had a brick tied to a long piece of twine. He would dangle it down and tap car windshields with it. He Thought it would be great to do it to a Semi.. So he dangled it down, hit the semi's windshield and it broke right through. The driver kept going, and the kids arm got ripped right off. The Judge ruled that the driver of the semi Charged with Armed Robbery...
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That is BBBAAADDD! Ya know, we had a whole thread of pun jokes not too long ago! You're fitting in quite nicely, Scott!!!
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LOL! That was not funny! I thought that the judge was ridiculous...until I saw that it was a joke! Good one.
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OOOOOOOOHHHHH. (That's a groan, Scott, the correct response for puns--which I love.)
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That was sooooo baaaaaad!!!! :LOL:
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until you've seen some jerk drop a chain or brick or whatever into the windshield of a semi. One of my oldest friends was horribly disfigured and nearly blinded by two 10 yr olds who dropped daddy's bowling ball from an overpass by their apartment building in Toronto.
They called it a "childish prank".
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Kittyfoot, When something like that happens to people we care about, it's hard to find any humor in the subject at all. My sister died a couple of years ago, and I remember thinking all black humor, no matter how ridiculous, was insulting. I had about a bucketful of water poured on my windshield from an overpass a couple of years ago, and believe me, I called the police. I'm sure those of us who like puns would never want to insult anyone. You're understandably sensitive to this and probably always will be.
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How do kids not realize that doing those kinds of things is wrong? I mean, my mom never actually said, "Don't drop bowling balls on cars off bridges", but I would never even consider anything like that as a kid. My mom woulda kicked my a$$!!!
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I don't have children, so I am probably not really qualified to speak, but having been a teacher at one time....here's my social commentary.

Alicat, you and I and probably most of the people on this site grew up when there were consequences to our actions. We knew we would get in trouble, in one form or another, if we did something wrong especially if it could possibly hurt someone/something else. Most kids today don't have that (at least not the ones who end up in the news for doing stupid things like throwing bowling balls off of overpasses!). Instead of accountability, there are excuses. Instead of Johnny just not paying attention in class, he has ADD or ADHD. Instead of getting their butts kicks by their parents, or even spending the night in juvenile hall to scare them, it was chalked up to a "childish prank." Instead of grounding one of my students for blatently cheating on an extra credit project, the parents actually blamed me, the teacher, and said that their angel couldn't and wouldn't possibly cheat!

It's not completely the parents fault. They aren't allowed to discipline their children. Even raising your voice to a child in the wrong company can get you child removed from your home and you sent to jail. God forbid the child gets hurt doing what kids do...social services will get called. And the kids know all this, too. Some take full advantage of the situation to scare their parents into letting them get away with murder. Schools are even worse. They can't discipline the students at all, especially not with some of the parents disputing anything their child is accused of.

Please don't get me wrong. There are a lot of really good parents out there that do very well at teaching their children right from wrong, respect and consideration. I know that the laws are there to protect the children from abuse, and they should be in place and enforced when there is abuse. I am also not saying that paddling should be brought back into schools. But there has to be a happy medium where everyone, even kids, are accountable for their own actions.

Sorry for the long post. This is just one thing that really gets my blood boiling.
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valanhb, As fellow teachers we know that we are obligated to report questionable marks on the children, and of course some children say what they think adults want to hear, or they just love tall stories. As a result, many good parents are visited by Children and Youth Services. My son's wife said she is getting tired of having to send notes to the teacher every time her five year old falls down and gets a bruise. Of course, some parents went too far in the past, and many children were badly beaten or sexually abused because the neighbors didn't want to get involved. Now, in an attempt to correct the situation, we have gone too far the other way. A friend who owns a preschool said it's just a matter of time before a child says something and one of her teachers will be accused. Schools with windows surrounding all the classrooms are not safe from false accusations.
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I did appreciate the joke. Truckers are all ardent users of dark humor. It's kind of if you don't laugh about it you'll go nuts kinda thing. I wasn't putting down the humor at all.

The kids, like so many others these days, know they can get away with anything atall so they don't care. There will be tons of people outraged beyond belief if it would be suggested that kids be held responsible. No politician would ever support it in anything but cosmetic fashion.

Now here's an overpass story with a twist. Several years back there was a huge and violent strike at the Quebec branch of a local trucking company. I'm talking violence to the extreme that it required truck convoys and police escorts to traverse the province. Guns,bombs,the whole thing; including dropping of chains, rocks and even logs from overpasses. Uh huh..truckers doing this to other truckers. It was at the height of the French/English thing in Quebec.

Now this particular day I was following one of this company's trucks on the by-pass at Fredericton,NB. The by-pass has a long straight stretch with an overpass at each end where the local fuzz used to sit with radar guns. We met another trucker who hollered on the CB, "Watch out for the overpass"..meaning Smokey was up there. As we approached the overpass I could make out the roof and lights of the cruiser in the pre-dawn grayness. My compatriot in front of me must have been all played out and running on pills. He must have thought he was still in Quebec because I saw his left arm come out the window holding a 45 automatic pistol. He emptied the whole clip. As I went under the overpass I was treated to the sight of the light disappearing from the top of the cruiser. Just beyond, the road split. I went one direction and the gunner went the other. All the way home I drove with one eye on the mirror expecting a horde of flashing lights. There was never a peep raised. I still smile to myself every time I go thru that place.
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