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my persian cat duncan has been sick for a very long time it started with an abcess on his paw,i took him to the vet the lanced his paw it was an awful ordeal she did'nt even numb it , he was given an antibotic in an injection and a prescription for an antibiotic which was a battle every day he is very sick and is losing eyesite in one of his eyes i am afraid i will have to have him put down.
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The cat is still sick from the infection? Or is it other health issues? If it is still the infection causing problem your cat needs to be seen by your vet. He needs a different antibiotic.What does your vet say? I would either go back to the vet with your cat or even better if your not happy with your current vet. Take your cat to a different one ASAP. What reason has your vet given you about the vision problem in his eye? Ctats can and do live with sight in only one eye. If you can get the other health problems fixed up. The eye problem he can live with if its not treatable. How old is your cat?
I do hope things turn out ok for your cat.Let us know how it goes.
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How old is your cat? I would recommend a blood panel to check things out internally, I think there is more going on than what started as an abscess.

The reason behind not numbing the abscess before lancing it is because the local anesthetic (most commonly Lidocaine) stings to inject. Then you have to wait about 10 minutes for it to take full effect. An abscess is very painful because the skin is stretched very tight over the infection, if you just lance it that relives the pressure and makes it feel better almost instantly.
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