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Toilet Bowl Drinking

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My Siamese cat Simon. Whenever you leave the seat up. he will push the first part down. The part u sit on. He gets up there sprawls his legs out, puts his head it and drinks that water! Is this strange? I think it is. I have a picture of him doing it.
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That is funny. What a strange position he looks like at any minute he might fall in.

My cats are more interested in the shower. They sit outside and wait while you shower. So they can drink the water on the floor when you are finished.
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ewwwwwwww!!!!! A couple of our previous cats used to do that, and we always tried to discourage it. They both used to go a little further down in the toilet bowel than Simon is in the picture when they were getting their drink. I think it's gross, and I'm not sure, but it may be a common thing for cats to do.
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I think it's common, and I'm not sure how healthy it is.

I had a cat who used to do that on a regular basis. But I'm mean: I used to sneak up behind her and push her in! Actually she got pretty good at balancing herself so she didn't get wet, but eventually she switched from the commode to the shower and the sink. Neither of those was as much fun . . .
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YUCK! Have you considered leaving the lid down when not in use?
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Ophelia drank out of the toilet for a while. She's a pretty small kitty and had to put most of the front half in the toilet to drink. I think that Trent, mischievious little bugger, thought her little butt wagging in the air was too much temptation. He would run up and smack her little butt, and run away while she was trying to get up out of the toilet. I saw him do it a couple times and about died laughing!

We got her a new water bowl and she started drinking from that. I don't know if it was the new bowl or her just getting tired of getting smacked in the rear and falling in, but she doesn't drink from the toilet anymore.
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The rule in our house is toilet seat down when not in use. We have had 4 out of 5 of our cats try to jump from the seat to the sink and fall in, so now even guests know to close the lid!
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Scott, my cat Merlin does the same thing!!!!!! he has water in his bowl, next to his food bowl, but he won't drink out of it. He insists on drinking from the toilet. I used to just try to keep the lid down, but he would throw a fit, and stand there meowing loudly. He just will not drink from his water bowl!!! He only drinks from the toilet!!!!! I really hate it, but it makes him happy. I hate it when he leaves muddy pawprints on the seat, though!!!
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Hopefully you don't use those vanish drop ins in the toilet. Even though some brands say it's safe if ingested by an animal I wouldn't trust it.

Kittymitts at drinks out of the toilet. Only he dosen't really drink it that much he just kind of wades in the toilet bowl. And you always know when he's been in the toilet because you'll see wet foot prints all over the place.
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Loki does that when he has not more water since he spilled it and mom is not home from work. Caught him do it last Sunday. He actually puts his front paws in to the bowl just above the water to balance himself better and drinks away. Ever since I got Loki I switched to baking soda (just in case) to clean the toilets instead of bleach. It does a great job.
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I discovered that my neighbor's cat does that when I was cat sitting. What's funny is that she had no idea the cat was drinking out of the toilet! And yeah, she always has fresh water - she even has one of those fountain things.

My one cat only drinks out of the dish, the other likes the dish and the shower/tub.
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I got used to Blackie drinking from the sink, but he has a lo-o-ong memory. When we moved to California, we drove with the cats in the back. Every time we stopped, I'd let them out of the kennel on the seat to use the box on the floor, and check their food and water them. I used to get a bottle of water and squirt it into a little dish for them, plus they had kind of a hamster bottle hanging in there, but it leaked quite a bit. Blackie, who likes running water, would drink from the bottle as I squirted the water out. Every time I have a bottle of water, Blackie tries to drink from it! He'll knock it over and lick the pop top thingy or he'll get in between me and the bottle and butt it with his head, until I poor a little water into my hand for him. Too funny! But I know where he learned that.

Fred is the only one who drinks from a bowl, and he drinks quite a lot, but only once a day when the water is fresh. Odd.
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I'm going to try to take a picture of merlin drinking from the toilet
sometime to post.
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