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Where's your cat's/cats' "safe haven"?

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It's just past midnight here, and fireworks are still being set off. We have two long couches in the living room, one along an outside wall, and one along an inside one. Jamie is, as usual, behind the latter, and probably won't venture out for another 30 to 45 minutes. Where do your cats hide when they're scared?
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I don't know all of them- often I can't find them and I assume that's where they are . Mine seem to like to be down in the basement on the chairs. They also like to hang out on chairs that are pushed under tables, or inside of cat condos. They also have a cat house and cat tunnell.
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In the tunnels leading to the enclosure
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Timmy hides under my bed, Smudge hides there as well, and also in the cat room closet where I have 2 carriers with no doors on them with blankets in them for them to sleep in. The other cats don't really get scared too much.
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Sierra and Serenity run to hide under the bed or under the covers. I'm not looking forward to the fireworks up and down the beach tonight and have three fans, soft music, and our ocean sound machine on to hopefully help drown out the noise.
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Abi has been here for a little less than a month and hasn't hidden yet. when she gets scared she finds me and looks to see my reaction and then just stays close by.
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They both hide underneath the jacuzzi in our bedroom, through the little trap door in the base of it, that has all the pipes and it really warm, like a dark womb! It's only 8:00 pm here, and quiet, but I am dreading later...
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My cats mite be retarded. They just run fore a little bit, and then stop. No hiding!

I love TCS!!!!
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My kits all hide under the bed....which is sooo funny, because Poppy and Mabby dont get along at all...But when they are scared they have themselves a truce...and under the bed they all go......
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Az hides under the bed or behind the couch. The others really don't care...

And Tryon...

Note: That shelf is about 7 ft. high
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Shorty goes under the sofa, Little Pete prefers it under the bed.
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The more insecure they feel, the closer to me they want to be. Roger has literally tried to climb inside my shirt. Onyx prefers to hang around my neck. Not normal at all!
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Zoey and Gigi go on the bed .. Kandie goes under
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I think the cats we've had have been at a disadvantage, since there's no crawlspace under the beds in our house. Jamie's predecessor used to sleep, and hide, in our washer. His predecessor would hide in our bookcase headboard, and her predecessor favored the stall shower. We have a cat tunnel in our living room, which Jamie likes to curl up in if there are severe thunderstorms.
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My cat used to hide in the dining room table chairs when they were pushed in under the table. All we have to do is lift up the table cloth and find her in one of the chairs
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