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What else might this be?

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So, in the past month, Leo has lost his pal Lola, been introduced to a new pal, had me leave town for 10 days and had to go in a car to a place he had never been to before...and on top of this, the Feliway wasn't replaced until yesterday (BF doesn't realize the importance of the Feliway)...so needless to say, he's a bit stressed out. It seems like he's been grooming a little more and the hair on his tummy is thinning out a little bit.

Is this just something stress related that I should keep an eye on to make sure it stops happening now that life is somewhat normal again, or should I be looking for other symptoms and making a vet appt? He's normal otherwise and seemed VERY happy to see me when I get home.
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I would call the vet monday or tuesday ... but for now keep an eye on him... Has he always had Feliway>>??
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You are so wonderful to care for every little thing like that! Leo obviously has a GREAT home. I think back to Sasha's losses in 1 year: his mama, SiSi, then losing his new kitten who was a gift to him, Fredie, to leukemia after only 8 weeks together (they had bonded really close) and then getting mauled by the coyote, all in 12 months. I felt so guilty all the time.

I think you could take him in, but ask him to tell you things. Ask him to let you know. I'd look for any change in appetite, substantially increased thirst, sitting or "hiding" in new places for long periods of time, or any marked mood swings. Yes, grooming is a way to calm themselves. Biting hair is a sign of distress. It might take him about 1-2 months to calm down. I know some or most kitties don't take well to moves or severe changes, but in the end they are very adaptable and will find a way to move forward. Keep us posted, I'd like to hear about how Leo is doing!
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I would just observe. If he is eating and drinking, etc, he is probably just stressed. Gar had trouble with the last bunch of fosters added, and it took almost a month for his behavior to return to normal. He has feline herpes, and was sneezing more, and slept more. But he has come out of it now, and I even saw him bathing Red today...what a miracle. The last time I saw them together he was half heartedly swatting at her, which did no good because she didn't even blink an eye.

I just think you keep him under close observation, and keep up with the feliway. If it gets worse, a vet check is definitely in order.
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Thanks everyone! Yeah, he's normal otherwise (he's also a herpes cat and he's had his dose of Lysine upped for now) and he's eating, playing, sleeping in his usual spot...he doesn't seem to be grooming a lot anymore...I think he was just stressed. I'm going to keep an eye on it and see if things get any worse or whatnot and maybe call the vet this week if need be!
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