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Dry Paw Pads

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If this is in the wrong area, I apologize. My kitty Mason has pink paw pads, and they're rough and really dry. I'm worried they'll crack and bleed. Is there anything to put on them, that isn't greasy or slippery?

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Let's go to Health and Nutrition! Poor Mason, this sounds so uncomfortable for him. My first recommendation, of course, is to have him examined by his Vet. You will want to be very particular about anything you apply to Mason's paws because his first instinct will be to lick it off, thus ingesting the substance. I've used olive oil, but not on paws. This doesn't fit in the nonoily/greasy category, though, so you might would find yourself with little oily paw prints all over the place
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I know there is Paw Wax for dogs, could I use that on him? I'll give the vet a call on Monday morning. They don't seem to bother him too much, but then again, I don't know for sure. Thanks for your reply.
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i was going to suggest the paw wax.

but to be honest, unless they are flaky or bleeding i wouldnt worry.

same as if we are going around bare foot, cats need rough paws for grip and to stop them from hurting their paws on sharp things.
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Our cougar's paw pads were so dry from walking on the ice and snow, that they started to split. I put Bag Balm on them and it helped. Bag Balm is a little oily from the petrolatum and lanolin base, but it will soak into the pads. I put it on Carmelo's paws when he was sleeping, that way it gave it time to soak in before he tried to lick it off.
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Bag balm gets my vote too. It is even good on a rash that my bf's dads dog Senji has that is reoccurring.
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Bag Balm is also wonderful for humans. My husband get really dry hands in the winter and sometimes little cracks. He puts Bag Balm on and white cotton gloves before bedtime and sleeps that way. It makes a tremendous difference. (It is greasy though hence the need for the gloves.)
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Bag balm again after the vet
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