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Hidy Ho! I'm new to this place (I guess thats why I'm posting here ) and I thought I'd give ya'll some info about my cats!
All my cats turned 1 april fools night! (how ironic)
There names are Storm (male), Cookie (male), Baby (female), and Cloud (female)
We had two others but we gave one away (Izzy/Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole) and Griffon (my favorite) which all five of our dogs tor to shreds /
Baby might be pregnant and Storm is a pervert
Cloud is NOT interested and Cookie is shy
Cookie is almost never around (except for feeding time, but other then that he is sleeping with the chickens for all I know) Baby is sweet as ever and loves to be pick up and petted, plus she is very vocal. Cloud is small and doesn't really like to be held but doesn't mind being petted. And Storm is the big guy, my guess is he's the alpha male and is as sweet as sugar
Well, thats all I can think about right now, ttyl!
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Hi-dy ho and welcome, good neighbor. Stormcloud, I think I'm in a bit of shock. Your dogs tore your cat to pieces? Is it safe to keep cats with these dogs?
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like one big happy family you have there!
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Jeanie G., we only have 3 of those dogs now, we got rid of the two aggresive ones, Domino and Dixie. Now we have one REALLY sweet one, one REALLY stupid one and they're mother, and trust me, the apples didn't fall far from the tree in this case Well, all three of them are afraid of the cats, the only reason they attack Griffon was because Dixie and Domino were doing it. Thanks for your consern and thank ya'll for welcoming me!
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Welcome - it sounds like you have quite the family. Hope to see you posting often.
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Ok here are the kittys colors
Storm and Cloud kinda look simese, but instead of that brownish color and another brownish color, they're brownish color plus white, they both have blue eyes, Storm hase a black nose and Cloud has a white nose (Griffon was the same except for the nose, he has a black and white nose)
Baby is a orange tabby and has yellow eyes (Izzy was the same)
Cookie is grey and white with green and yellow eyes (green around the puple and yellow around the green)
And they are all from the same litter! They're mommy was a calaco, their daddy MIGHT have been a persion (my dad saw him once and he says it looked like a simese cat with REALLY long hair, and I think thats what persions are kinda like)

Well, thanks again for give'n me a nice warm welcome!
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Welcome to the sight. You say that their dad might be a persian? There is another breed of cat with the coloring of a siamese, but looks like a persian. they are the hymalayan breed. Others might help.
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Hi and welcome! It sounds like you've got quite a family there. Let us know if Baby is pregnant. Thats sad what happend to Griffon. At least you don't have the dogs anymore that did that. Post pics please!
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I'll post some as soon as possible!
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Glad you have joined us, Stormcloud!
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