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weight loss get fit challenge

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On another forum, I go to they are in the middle of a weight loss challenge, I was wondering if anyone else would be insterested in one? I seen a few people mention the evil D (diet) word in the new years resolutions thread and its too difficult to start in the middle of the other one.

This is what they are doing (but I am sure it can be modified to be longer etc):

What are the dates for each week of the challenge?
Each week of the challenge will begin on Sunday and end Saturday night at midnight.
Week 1 - Week 8

What is the difference between the LWGF & GF teams?

LWGF stands for lose weight & get fit. The LWGF teams will be able to count exercise points and weight loss points.

The GF Teams are "get fit only" and will only be reporting in exercise points. LWGF teams will NOT be competing against the GF teams. Also, GF teams cannot count weight loss points in their team totals.

How are weight loss points calculated?

1pt = 1lb lost (or .45kg)
~you can count partial lbs. So, if you are weighing with a digital scale and lose 1.4 lbs then you can count 1.4 WL points.
~Gained pounds mean negative points for your team. (-1pt = 1lb gained)

How are exercise points calculated?
1pt = 15 minutes (total daily exercise)
So, if you exercise for fifteen minutes, two times during the same day you can count that as two point for the day.

What activities can be counted as exercise points?

Since fitness levels are going to vary between individuals, we are leaving it up to each team to decide what can and cannot be counted as exercise points. We do ask that for an activity to count towards exercise points that it was enough to keep an elevated heartrate for at least 20 minutes. (of course, obvious exercise like crunches, yoga, weights etc can be counted toward exercise points as well. The "elevated heart rate" guideline is more for those activities that you are unsure if they should count or not)

What is the maximum number of points I can count per day?
Each person can count up to 8 points per day. That means that each person can count up to 2 hours of total daily exercise, no more than 56 points in a week.

What are the weekly mini-challenges?
Week 1: Outline your personal goals for the 8-week challenge, also set up your goals for the walking challenge if you choose to participate in that.
Week 2: Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.
Week 3: Eat 5 servings of fruit and/or veggies everyday.
Week 4: Try a new health food and/or recipe and review.
Week 5: Work out 5X this week.
Week 6: Avoid junk food snacks this week.
Week 7: Try a new exercise.
Week 8: Post something positive about yourself each day this week

~The challenge is 8 weeks long
~Partial weight loss points can be reported for partial pounds lost
~15 minutes of daily exercise equals 1 point. (1hr = 4pts)

What do the winners of the challenge get?
The satisfaction of knowing that you have really challenged yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle and the opportunity to make some great friends along the way!
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This is interesting. Sounds a bit complicated though....? Yes, weight loss is definitely a new year's resolution for me!! Gotta get rid of all those xmas pounds ya know
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I am starting a weight loss plan tomorrow. With some people from work, our goal is to each lose 15 lb by Easter, which I think is in March. When you say teams, do you mean we compete as teams, or individually, but just on weight loss and exercise, or just exercise?
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The teams are just so people who do not want to lose weight but want to work out can join. On the other forum they have two LWGF teams as there are lots of people interested so the 2 LWGF teams are competing against each other.

But if there are not enough people interested to make teams we could complete against each other on the points. The small goals just make it more manageable.
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I just really suck at losing weight! So I would feel bad if I let my team down. While that might encourage me to try harder, I would rather do it individually.

But it sounds like a great idea, kind of complicated...but actually a little like when I was on weight watchers...you get credit for exercise that allowed you to have more food. I think doing this would be a big help to me.

Should we just start tomorrow, and let whoever wants to join in? If its more for support and less for competition, it won't matter if they are out partying tonight and don't get started right away.

And we could add the points and declare a weekly winner, so everyone would be on an even playing field each week. Eight weeks sounds like a good time frame to start. Count me in.
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Yeah I think I would prefer more of an individual point thing (I get depressed missing people from home and binge on chocolate : but I do like that even if you don't lose weight you can feel like you have done something by exercising, I didn't know weight watchers gave credits for exercising tho!

Plus the I think the mini goals make it more manageable and will force me into the veggies and exercise when I don't feel like it.
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For me, a program with rules and points is just an invitation to rebel! Whatever change I manage to make will have to come from within, so I can't really join a team or a program.

However, it would be great to have a thread where we could just talk about what we're doing differently, how we're working more activity into our days, what kind of things we're cooking...practical ideas and moral support, basically. Anyone up for that?
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Well, I've done ok today, except I missed breakfast, due to running late! So I've been a little hungry all day, and that is bad news for me. Way more likely to snack!

My personal goals for the next 8 weeks are:
1. To eat 3 healthy meals a day. To limit portions to reasonable amounts, rather than overeating at each meal.
2. Buy some healthy choice snacks and lunches for at work. I know I like to snack, so I need fresh fruit and healthy choices for my snacks.
3. Exercise for at least 20 minutes 6 times per week for the next 8 weeks.

So far I ate much more healthy than I have been lately, and I exercised by doing Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke on the kids playstation. Wow, that is really fun! LOL! I also weighed in this morning, so I can track my weight.

How about anyone else, do you have goals you want to state publicly? How are you doing, Carol and Icklemiss?
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Anyone who just wants some support is welcome to join the thread.

I didn't do so well today seen as my BF dragged me out to the casino (and they don't have much healthy food there) but I stayed away from the margaritas and walked around the casino 5 times looking for him so at least i got some exercise. I am really going to start tomorrow.

Oh and its funny you mention DDR because I was looking at prices today - it will be a fun way to exercise at home.

As for my goals, the first three are similar to yours:

1. Buy healthier lunches/snacks for work (I can't not snack so healthy it will have to be)
2. To eat at home more - eating out kills me, if i am going to pay high prices I am going to enjoy it and also so i can control the portions better.
3. Control portions better
4. To make weekly meal planners so i don't get tempted to eat out of eat 'bad' foods because I can't make up my mind what to eat.
5. To include a daily 'treat' so I don't get too disheartened.
6. To exercise for 30 mins 5x a week.

And I weighed myself too I like that we only have to say how much we lost and not how much we still weigh too
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oh and

7. to fill in my fitday.com diary each day so I can see what I have really eaten & exercised as far as cals and nutrients
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Ok guys.. I'm in. I will start tomorrow as I've only found this today! But just will count today as 0 points!

My goals:

1. Make sure I have fruit at work for snacksand lunches.
2. Make sure there is no candy at work as if there is I will eat it.
3. Not feel guilty for having one small sugar-type sweet 3 times a week.
4. Try to work out as often as possible. I refuse to set a number as I will beat myself up over not reaching it!
5. Remain possitive throughout it all.

My goal is to drop 2 pant sizes and feel better overall!

Do those sound good guys?
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Sounds good - I want to drop around 4 pant sizes by the end of the year but I am not making that a goal

Oh and I second the candy at work - its a nightmare with just 3 girls in the office!
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Yeah, one of the ladies in my office loves keeping a bowl of candy sitting out all the time...while she can stay out of it, I can't! Now I filled it with starlight mints, and cinnamon candies. While I like them, its not as bad as tootsie rolls or miniature candy bars.

I'm going to check out that fitday.com. Although I'm a little afraid to know how many calories I eat a day, probably about a million. And my weight is a ton! LOL!

Two pants sizes would be great for me, too. Is two like going from a 10 to an 8 to a 6? (LOL, I haven't worn a size 10 in years, and never wore a 6!) Or is two sizes from 10 to 8? I want to go down two sizes, which to me is 4 numbers.
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I was figureing it as 4 numbers as well... I want to lose more than 4 pant sizes by the end of the year, but I thought for a good goal for this 8 weeks would be 2 pant sizes. Not persay 25 lbs. I don't have a number that I think could be doable in 8 weeks. Not sure where would even be in the right area of it.

Do I have to weigh myself everyday? Or can I just do it at the end? And do all my points then. That is, IF I lose any weight!
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I am doing the weight loss thing at he end of the week not daily and counting my exercise points daily. I don't have the guts to look at the scales every day.

Oh and for me 2 pant sizes is 4 numbers so 10 - 6 would be 2 sizes
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Oh I was surprised how many cals 'healthy' foods have when i started using fitday! I do find now though that when I have reached close to my goal for fat / carbs etc that I plan my evening meal around what I have already eaten so for me its good!
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I signed up for the free fitday. And I definitely think it is healthier to weigh weekly than daily.
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Hello!! I'm IN!! I do not have a whole lot to lose, but it's funny how the years pass and one just gets bigger and bigger...

This involves two commitments.
1. Actually logging in to this site daily or so and reporting.
2. Actually being accountable for my diet and exercise.

Really, it's a wonder that I'm not heavier, as I eat so much, and so much that isn't good for me (addicted to sugar!!). I still don't feel very fit or in control, which is not good.

I just read that other post about the evils of margarine...I'm going with butter from now on. I wonder if this will help me, or hurt me.


I will support you all!
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Welcome! We need all the help and support we can get - I don't know about everyone else but my new years resolution of dieting usually fails in Jan!
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Baring any bad nibbles (I already have my snack for later planned and included), I am doing ok seen as I was home today - I think it will be actually easier when i am at work and not just sitting around relaxing.

I managed the 30 mins exercise and kept kinda within my goals for veg and carbs/fat/protein
I had 5/5 veg servings
fitday set a goal for me of 25% fat, 42% carbs and 33% protein of which I managed 29F, 50C, 21P.

I made my meal plan for the week and went shopping and mostly stuck to the list (BF was with me and threw some goodies into the cart)
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I'm gonna do this too. Do we go to Fitday.com to do the point thing? My big problem is at work going out to eat really bad stuff for lunch. And sleeping during my lunch break rather than exercising.
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No we are keeping track of the points ourselves, fitday.com lets you enter all the foods and exercise you do so you can see where you are going wrong and check the nutrients/cals of foods and recipes
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Oh, I get it! 1 pound = 1 point, 15 minutes exercise = 1 point.
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I have made a point sheet if anyone wants to use it - it included the bonus points the people were doing but if you guys want to ignore those - no problem!

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I'm in too!

My goals...

1. Control portions.
2. Try not to snack so much throughout the day.
3. When I do snack.. make sure they are healthy.
4. Not to order out as much.
5. Try to exercise 2 or 3 times a week. (I know it should be more but that is somewhat reasonable with my work schedule... I'd rather set it lower and accomplish it then set it too high and fail)
6. Lose the 20 lbs I gained last year!!!

I am going to go join that website too. =)
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My mother in law wants me to help her lose weight. She just wanted me to go for a walk with her.
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I'm about a size 13/14 right now, up from a 9/10 a year ago. Medications for my recently diagnosed bipolar disorder have contributed to my weight gain.

I would like to get back to the size I was last year, by the summer. I bought an eliptical trainer on Boxing Day for a great deal, and although it's really hard, I have been using it, and am trying to work on my diet. I'll be sure to post on how I'm progressing.
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Count me in!!!!
i started my diet yesterday. i am setting a daily goal and adding one new goal each day for 31 days. its the thing in SELF magazine. yesterdays goal was to keep a diet diary and todays is eat more fiber! so far so good!!

i exercised for 30 minutes yesterday!

i need all the support i can get! good luck to everyone!!
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Count me in as well!

My plan is to lose 15lbs and tone up before summer!

I've been going to the YMCA everyday and not eating ANY junk! I am so proud of myself...last night I ran 8 miles, I feel great!

Good luck to everyone!!
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