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Hi their i left my larzopam tablets by my bed and i went other to discover my cat sniffing them , i dont think he licked them. Do you recon that the larzopam could cause him any harm it was only 1mg?
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I honestly have no idea. Someone more knowledgeable should be along soon to answer your question.

I did find this past thread that has a link to a poison control website. You may be able to contact them for an answer. Good Luck!
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Here is the ASCPA webiste - they have a poison control number

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Call the vet and posion control ... I beleive you mean lorzapam which is used as a human anti axiety/ muscle relaxer ( mom uses it for sleep)
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You should call poison control, but 1mg is not much, especially if she only licked it. Lorazepam doesn't have much coating on it but pills do have to break down before they start working. From my experience in taking lorazepam, if they cat tasted it, it would probably not want to continue licking or eating it. (Even got a pill stuck on your tongue that won't go down and you get that pill taste?) I also had a friend who's puppy gobbled down a few of hers immediately after she dropped them (she was doing something stupid and opened her pill bottle while standing directly over his food bowl and he was eating soft food) She called the vet and was told to just watch him for a few hours and if he got too lethargic to take him to the animal ER. He was about the size of a medium cat at the time.
Good luck!
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