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I'm back from exile!

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Ok, it was all nice... not a thing moved on Christmas eve... not even a mouse... except a 16 year old on front of a computer screaming at the sight of a message "Fan Failure" and thinking whats gonna become of the 10 GB large folder containing all his stuff, from MS Word to music.

But I'm back now with a new computer and all the information transferred (I've taken the old hard disk and installed it into a new case with new motherboard and the works)... all of you, I'm back! (And god, did I went into withdrawal)
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Welcome back Fella!
Merry Chritsmas belated! and Happy new year 06!!!

Is a really pleasure to see you here!!!
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I know! Is`nt it awful to be without a puter???
I`m glad you are back online now! Welcome Home to TCS!
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Glad you got your computer problems straightened out.
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Welcome back! And how is your cousin doing? And didn't you have a pregnant cat outside, or am I confused?
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Merry new year!
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Welcome back!!!
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HELP!! I've been without my computer since New Year's Eve! Oh, the withdrawal pains! If I play the Phantom DVD once more my mom may kill me!! (The TV is in her room.)
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