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defective bunny

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Yesterday, when Bill got home from work, I had to take him to task: the big chocolate bunny, that he got me for Easter, had no ears! HE insists that it had ears, when he brought it home and it had ears, when he left for work. I wonder where those ears went? Obviously, there is a chocoholic, in the house. Oops! What ARE those brown smears, on my keyboard?
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Ha ha...I think we know who the culprit is.
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No one should be expected to resist those delicious ears. It happens to me all the time. "Just take a nibble," they cry. The next thing you know it's too late and the bunny has been taken hostage by my cravings. LOL.
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It always begins with the ears...:laughing2

They've got to be the official 'gateway'chocolate, leading to more intense chocolate consumption
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the ears. yummy yummy says my tummy!!!
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Wow, I must be some kind of strange chocolate rabbit pervert! I start with the feet and eat from the bottom up! I save the head for last. But it looks like I'm the only one
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I am with you Sunlion - I also save the head/ears for last!
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When my brother was little, there were certain parts of chocolate animals that he wouldn't eat. He would hand my this random triangle of chocolate, and then when I bit into it, he'd laugh his head off and tell me, "You just ate a butt!!!" In my early teens, I was less than amused at most things, and so just kept eating my free chocolate... I think it's hilarious now.
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My bunny is, now headless. Bill is now blaming Opie, who can't defend himself. Of course, I would NEVER blame the cat for mischief with chocolate. It must have been a chocoholic burglar!
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Poor Opie, getting blamed for this theivery! Especially since he is a cat and I'm sure there's plenty of michief he hasn't gotten blamed for!

Julie - that story about your brother is hilarious! Little boys have such a warped sense of humor! :tounge2:
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I'm jealous....I want a chocolate bunny, too!
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Debby, they should be on sale, at a good price, right now. When I finish the big Russell Stover, I get to start on the medium Hershey's. I've, also, got 2 1/2 dozen Cadbury chocolate creme eggs, stashed away. Its a long time, until Mother's Day. Gotta get from one candy holiday to the next, somehow.
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I got a defected cheesecake once. I guess they only made 3/4 of the pie hmm??
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I tried to tell my hubby that some of that sweet stuff you buy at the store is defective, but he won't buy that story!!! :LOL:
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Sounds like the story I used to tell my ex-husband: when I was pregnant, with my younger son, I used to buy 4 chocolate eclairs, filled with chocolate custard. When Mark got home, I'd tell him that I'd bought dessert: an eclair for each of us. He never knew about the 2 that I'd already eaten.
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Ha! That's cute! Sounds like me! I bought two bags of those speckled robins eggs at Easter, and shared one bag with him, and hid the other. :laughing:
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