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Kitty digging up indoor plants!

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we live in an apartment and our three plants stay inside. The sago palm is her favorite for whatever reason, actually she does not bother the other plants. She gets in the pot and digs out half the soil. Is there a natural drive that makes her do this? Is it because something is not right in her environment? Has anyone else had this problem?

Putting the plant on a stand won't help cause the pot is big enough for her to get in. I need her to stop before she ruins my carpet but I don't know what is causing her drive to do this.
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its natural for cats to dig in dirt, in the wild this is where they would be going to the toilet!

put large river pebbles over the top of the soil to deter her.
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Kittens will dig anywhere they find earth - it is an instinct. I put plastic or cardboard circles on all my plant pots to discourage them, and tell them very firmly 'no' each time they try. Other people use stones on top of hte earth. But my five still manage to knock over plants occasionally - I keep the pots away from carpets just in case.
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thanks for the rock ideas. I didn't think of that. Hopefully that will discourage her.
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Just be sure your plants are not toxic to her-

Scroll down to Scent-Off Company
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Sago soil is full of peat moss (usually), so it smells like 'earth' more than just soil, and maybe that's part of it.
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Just back with the latest on her plant craze. Seems that Kitty isn't bothering the plants anymore. Its wierd i don't know what changed. They are both on top of speakers now but still they are only about a foot off the ground. She has been in the corn tree once in the last month. I never had to put rocks in it or spray it with any scent off.

All I can say is...cats are wierd, but thats why I love them!!!
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