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I have rescued a stray...

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Im new here and was just after some advice really.
About a month ago we rescued a stray cat, Sooty. He's about 8 or 9 years old and has been neutered.
He was seriously underweight when we found him and he couldn't walk very well. We took him in and fed him lots! He seemed to be drinking alot more than eating, so we thought he may of had kidney failure?? He has since got more of an appetite, but still drinks quite alot.
After having him for three days we phoned the RSPCA as we thought he urgently needed to see a vet. (Unfortunately we did not have the finances to take him ourselves.)
The lady from the RSPCA said that she could take him away, but he would be put to sleep and with that Sooty jumped up on my partners knee! So we agreed to keep him!
We are going to get him in to see a vet in the New Year.

Now to a few problems we're having....
He has started pooing outside of his litter tray! We clean it out regularly so I don't think it's that... He will do one and then walk out and do another poop on the carpet! Does anyone no why he's doing this?
Also, more recently he has started peeing where ever he sleeps! But not in large quantites. I don't think it would be so bad if he was outside alot of the time, but we don't put him out because it's far too cold and he absolutely hates it!

Any advice/suggestions would be grately appreciated!

Thank you in advance, Dani
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Your little guy needs to see the vet. Drinking excessive water could be a sign of Diabities, or he could have Kidney problems. Unless something drastic has changed in your home, most cats will not just change their habits.

I hope all works out!

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I would ring a vet asap on Tues to get him seen, and I would recommend blood tests - he is a bit young for kidney probs, but as he has been a stray, it could be related. Could you put another litter tray down for him? Some cats prefer to use separate ones for wees and poos (I have one tray that rarely has poos in, yet it is well used). Sorry you had a bad experience with the RSPCA, it might be worth checking if there are any independent rescues near you, they tend to be more accomodating.
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Some vets will put you on a payment plan. PLEASE do call around and see if you can find one that will and get him there as soon as possible.
Thank you for taking this little guy in...and best of everyhting to the 3 of you!
Let us know what you find out, OK?
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the cats protection leauge might offer to sponsor his vet visit or you could ring around the vets and explain that he is a stray and see if you can get any discounts/freebies

the rspca state on their website that they provide free treatment to owners who have low incomes.

failing that, try a vet school.

for the pooping problem - have you tried a bigger litter tray? i use one of the huge plastic toy chests from wilkinsons

for the peeing problem - he doesnt sleep on a beanbag by any chance does he?
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also, if he is underweight, feeding him a good quality kitten food will help build up his strength. (not whiskas, its full of junk and addatives)
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First, don't panic. Your cat will probably make to New Years fine.
I have one who pees lots. We have done tests - not kidneys and not diabetes - actually turned out to be elevated THYROID! Eats a ton, loses weight, has mild heart murmmer... we put her on Tapazol to control excess thyroid. Peeing has slowed down in volume...

If it is kidneys. My oldest cat lived to 19. At age 14 we were told he
had "severe" kidney problems and needed dialysis and Sub Q fluids to
be given. guess what? That cat made it to 19 with NO dialysis and
NO Sub Q fluids. He was PTS because of a brain tumor...

So... moral is... your cat will do fine until you see a vet. Then, don't panic
at the vets if they say kidney problems. Totally manageable disease, as is
Diabetes. Bit of work at first, but once they level off sound.. it is fine.
My parents cat (from my bro) is Diabetic. Started out taking 5 units of
insulin - is now a happy 21 lbs on 2 units of insulin!!

As to pooping. Could be a bowel control issue. However, more often
than not, this is how cats communicate health or other issues.
UTI (urinary tract problem) or impact anal glands OR simple
desire to have poop box in another place. Get a second box, and
put it somewhere he might like (quiet, easy to get to, behind
something ... cats like privacy and security to do their business..)

Cheer up and lots of luck with the guy! You 2 are great for taking
him in!!
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You have received excellent advice. If he lived on the streets, there is no telling what he had to eat to survive. I would ask the vet to run a full panel on him.

Also please see this link

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