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The Bachelor

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Anyone watch this show? Have to admit I watch it and I love it. Can't believe people would actually put themselves through this. What can I say I LOVE THE TRASH TV
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I have to admit - I watch it. I just can't believe what some people will do for love or money. Who do you think he will pick in the end. I am thinking Trista or Rhonda and maybe Shannon.
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I admit that I have watched this show as well. All of the girls seem so catty, but I think he will pick Shannon.
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Shannon's my favorite, and not because of her name :LOL:

The show is too crazy, but to hard too resist!
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I am addicted to reality TV-no matter how bad it is. Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, Making the Band, PopStars, Temptation Island, Love Cruise, Lost, anything on TLC or A&E, The Mole, you name and chances are I have at least seen one episode. Hubby says I need a 12 step program!
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I didn't think it was possible that there could be another one of me out there. I watch them all too. It's just too much fun
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Have you seen "Combat Missions" on USA? It's pretty good. There are 4 teams of Navy Seals, SWAT, Special Forces, even 1 CIA guy. They old guy from Survivor, Rudy, is the host. They send the teams out on a mission, and whoever loses the fewest team members and has the fastest time wins. They use laser tag systems to determine who dies and blow up a lot of stuff. I LOVE it! These guys really know their stuff!
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