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Why Are They not burying their POOP

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My family has two cats and lately they have not been burying their poop. It started after we changed the cat litter to the crystals. Even after changing it back, they still have not been burying their poop. I do not know what to do!! it smells really bad!! The whole family thinks so, and it's in a room we all have to use on a daily basis.
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I dont know if not burying thier poop is an issue, besides the smell of course....

Are you using scented litter now....sometimes what smells good to us...smells awful to them....so maybe they want to get out of there quickly.....

Also if its too dusty for them, they may not want to bury it......

But except for Emmet none of my cats bury their poop.....But we are lucky cause poor emmet will go in the box...do his bussiness and then bury everyones poop...lol....hes in their for like 10 minutes burying....
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From a behavioral standpoint, cats usually cover their waste when in strange territory or to acknowledge the higher position of another cat that uses that range. Other cats may leave waste uncovered as a signal that they "own" the territory, and proclaim their dominance. In most cases, cats that live with humans and use litter boxes tend to cover up their waste, When more than one cat is in the household, sometimes one will start signaling ownership by leaving waste uncovered.

In this case, it may be related to the type of litter. This litter may be uncomfortable for their paws to dig. Paw pads are one of the most sensitive parts of the cat's body--they use paw pats to test temperature, texture, and movement of objects. There is a wide variety of cat box fillers, from gravel-type clay products or recycled paper pellets, to fine-grained clumping types made from clay to corn or wheat. If the litter you provide is one of the heavier, rougher textures, it may help to try a less abrasive type. If you do decide to switch litters, do so very gradually. Combine the new with the old type of litter, in a 50/50 mix, and each week add a greater percentage of the new and less of the old type. Just a couple of thoughts.
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I suggest trying Feline Pine litter. The pieces are larger so it is hard to cover but your house will smell good like pine. When they JUST poop it smells for a few minutes but then, just pine. I like it a lot. AND the urine turns to sawdust so it doesn't smell either. I have a tiny little closet room with 4 litterboxes in it for 7 cats and, as I said, unless they JUST POOPED, it smells like pine. There is another litter like this called Yesterdays News which I tried but I thought it smelled like a horse stall.
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When you switched back did you scrub out your litter pans? If not the smell of the crystals is pretty strong and they could be tricked into thinking the crystals are still there. Cats are most comfortable with plain clay litter. That feels the most natural to them.
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I think all of your ideas are great. But I know it is not scented litter because we use armen hamer litter and they have always buryed it with that litter but I will try to clean out the litter box and see if they can still smell the crystals it was not that long ago that we switched the litter.
Thank You
For the great ideas
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