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Dumping water every night.

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I've been tyring to stick this out, but for the past 3 weeks my cat has been digging all the water out of his dish. Every night!

I don't know what to do! He is three years old and has never done this before.

He scoops it out with his paws and watches it flow all over.

I'm worried because he dumps so much out to the point where he might not have enough left to drink. I've even put out a second bowl just in case, but he dumps that one out too.

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Hmmm, are you sure that you don't live with bobcats and a cougar like my wife and I? The water bowl gets flipped, dumped, played with, toys tossed in it and a cougar tail smacks it around. I think your cat has found himself a new source of entertainment
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I hope not! I just worry because he is dumping almost all of it out and I can't leave a thousand bowls all over the apartment while I am at work
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Well, if it is just at night, you may try just picking up the water during the night time. As long as he has water to drink during the day he will be fine. There are spill proof bowls, but I am not sure if this would help in your situation, since he scoops it out with his paws.
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I have the spill proof bowl

I will try to fill it up in the day and see what he does, but I have a feeling he will do he same thing.
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Sunni did the same thing with her water. I tried everything, but she continued to insist on dumping that bowl! Maybe a cat fountain or something of that sort? It's either that or you just live with dumped I did...
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Maybe it's an orange tabby thing
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Oh its an orange tabby thing! (well bumps has some orange tabby anyway)

The only thing I found that works is the CatIt dome fountain so there isn't a bowl for him to dip his paws into
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Hmm...Sophie Grace has some orange with stripes in her calico coloring. Could be why she insists on pawing her water up and lapping it off her paw! However, she has not (as of yet) taken to knocking over the whole dish. Must not be enough orange stripes!
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My cats tend to knock over their dish during play. I keep their dish in a large sterilite container. The kind that is wide and shallow. When they tip their dish the water just runs around the container where they can still drink it. A cat fountain my work for you as well. Or, if your main worry is that your cat will be thirsty, leave the faucet on at a drip.
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My cat did this until I bought an automatic water fountain. Now they both drink from the fountain.

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When Tiger drinks water, he is tempted to put his paw in it. He does the pawing motion in the air when he drinks with one of his front paws. I guess it is a orange tabby thing! He plays with plastic straws and somtimes I find them floating in his water tray. Sometimes he puts his toys in the tray too.
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Originally Posted by TNR1
My cat did this until I bought an automatic water fountain. Now they both drink from the fountain.

mine too!

why not buy a fountain? i got the cat-it and am planning on the drinkwell whenh i move out.
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Well,my cat is not a tabby but he did it last night for the first time too. He was drinking water,then I walked by and the bowl was empty and there was water all over the floor. I filled it up again and he madly flicked the water back out! Little bugger Anyway, I have a dish that says "cool cat" on the bottom of it with little fish around the word cool cat....maybe he was trying to fish???? I just hope he doesn't do it again! One lady I knew finally put her stopper in the sink and filled it with like an inch of water and let her cat drink out of that.....mine don't get on the counters,YET and I don't know if that would be sanitary for the cat or humans!
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Mine won't drink from a bowl at all, it has to be running water in the bathroom sink. Zero interest in the kitchen sink. Freaky little thing that she is, when she used to be allowed outside she would drink dew, water that was sitting inside old tires, rain water that collected on tarps, patio furniture, and in grooves of garbage bags etc, bases of plant pots on the deck, anywhere that WASN'T A BOWL apparently. Darn thing would even drink from the toilet before a water dish. Since I preferred that she didn't drink stagnant, dirty water, I had to let her keep drinking from the tap. So now we leave the tap running a little dribble and she is happy. The only issue that arises is when she wants to drink when we want to wash or brush teeth etc. And she isn't an orange tabby, or any kind of tabby at all, she is what most people call a tuxedo kitty, all black wth white paws and white triangle on her chest.
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