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Crazy Cat Tricks...

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I just read a thread about things us cat owners do to embarass our pets. How about what our pets do that is just kinda silly....I have two cats, Charlie and Maggie. They are both grey tigers but Charlie is short hair and I am willing to bet the Maggster has some Maine Coon in her...looks and personality. Maggie likes to greet me when I come home with a head but and a nose sniff. She licks my nose as a way of saying oh its you....I love her cat kisses! She also wakes me up every morning this way. Charlie demands the brush. If you wave the brush, the otherwise standoffish Charlie comes running and will claw your hand if you stop brushing too soon. Another silly thing about Maggie, she cries when the food dish is completly full, but you can see a white spot at the bottom. My husband laughs at this and usually screams out "Call 911 ASPCA, food emergency!" Once you shake down the food, no more white spot, she stops howling.
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Our senior cat Mitty won't eat her wet food (without complaining) unless I pile it up into a mountain smack dab in the middle of her bowl. When she's half done, its all smushed down, so I have to pile it back into a mountain again.

Our new 8-mo. old kitten looks out her favorite window. When I go outside to fetch the mail I walk past that same window and pause and say hello to her on the way back in, and that freaks her out, as she doesn't know its me outside. I look just the same, but for some reason, it can't be me. And she's the smartest cat we've had. And as smart as they sometimes are, they can act quite stupid too.
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