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My cat Peanut died on Dec. 23, 1997. Two days before Christmas. He was only 6 months old. When he was 5 months old I took him to get neutered and about a week later he wasn't acting like himself so I took him back to the vet. They weren't sure what was wrong so they did some tests and told me it could be FIP. Although the FIP test came back negative they insisted that's what was wrong with him. I tried everything to help him but FIP is incurable. On the last vet visit, which was the day he died, they took a sample of his liver to have it sent out and looked at. We went home and when I opened the carrier to let him out, he fell to the floor. He was alive but slowly dying which of course I didn't know. We rushed him right back to the vet which was only a mile away. I held him in my arms the whole way and kept telling him how much I loved him and begging him not to leave me. I stared in complete horror watching him gasping for air and seeing the thermometer read only 88 degrees. Of course I lost it and my husband made me go into another room. No long after the vet came and told us that Peanut passed away. I will never forget the pain and hurt that I felt at that moment. I miss him so much and I think about him everyday. Christmas will never be the same. I had him cremated because I felt that I could keep him with me wherever I was. I am very glad I did that. I had another cat named Emma who is almost 5 now. After 6 months of Peanut being gone, I got another kitten. He looked just like Peanut so I couldn't resist. I really didn't want another one but I felt bad leaving Emma home alone while we worked. PJ, (Peanut Junior) just turned 4 in March and although nothing could ever take the place of Peanut, PJ definately fills the void. I love my two cats with all my heart and my life literally revolves around them! They mean the world to me and will always come first. I know this was long but it helps to talk to about it. I'm glad I found this site.

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That is a very sad story! During the short time he was with you, Peanut knew how much he was loved and wanted. The day will come when you and he will once again be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge. LeeAnne, this is a wonderful site to find, I hope you will stay with us.
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I hope you get this. I am not sure if I am replying
right. Thank you for your thoughts. I really do believe
that someday I will be with him again and he will be healthy
unlike before. I will certainly stay on this site. I love
talking about my babies and this is a wonderful place because
everyone feels the same!

Thanks LeeAnne
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Yes, you're replying correctly, I'm glad you plan to stay, welcome to TCS!
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LeeAnne - your story is very touching. I hope you are doing OK.
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How are you? I am doing fine. I just miss him a real lot.
I wish he was still here so bad. Well he is in my heart but I
wish he was here physically. I'm greatful for the time I had with

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.
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LeeAnne - Some times I miss my beloved animals more now than when they passed. You hang in there.......
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I will. Thanks for your support.

Talk to ya soon, LeeAnne
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