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Started Introducing New Kitty Today

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We've had Hannah for a month now and she's been in solitary confinement in a bedroom due to an URI. The vet has released her and given us the go-ahead to introduce her to Callie, the resident cat.

We've spent the past 5 or 6 days putting Hannah in the cage in her room, opening the door and inviting Callie into the room. I would sit in there with them and read or do some needlework. At first, Callie was hesitant, but she eventually ventured in and sniffed and hissed, then walked away.

Today, my husband brought Hannah out into the den where Callie was and the meeting began! Lots of hissing, talking, meowing, raised paws, and the like, but no major fighting. When my husband went to work, Hannah went back into her room.

When I got home from work this evening, after feeding them in their separate eating places (Hannah in her room), I let Hannah out and they've been out together all night long. Again, more hissing, talking, meowing, swats, but no fights. There's also been no raised fur, flattened ears, or puffy tails! Hannah's watched Callie play. Callie's watched Hannah play. Hannah's wanted to play with Callie, but that has been vetoed! They've even napped some! All in all, a good introduction tonight. At bedtime, Hannah will go back into her room and Callie & I will go to bed.

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Sounds like you can just leave the two of them together now. Just be sure and not lift one over the other in your arms for a few days, pet them while you are kneeling on the floor and you shouldn't have any trouble. Glad Hannah has recovered.
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I think I'll keep Hannah in her room when we're not here for the next few days, maybe even a week. Callie is still very territorial near the area where her food normally is as well as a few other places, like the litterbox she uses. When Hannah's out, we pick up Callie's food since she's on a reduced diet food. There's also a litter box in Hannah's room, and the door to that room is kept open when Hannah's out.

We've also not allowed Hannah into the other bedrooms, just the den/living room, kitchen, and laundry area. Don't want Callie to corner her under the bed or something like that.

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