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Need Serious Vibes for Misty

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What a stinking day. Last night I was stroking Misty's tummy that she had rolled over to make it convenient for me to do so I found a nipple (she has long been a spay) that was enlarged, very pink with an irregular lump underneath.

We got in this afternoon for her to be seen, a needle biopsy brought forth a large amount of cystic fluid (surprise number 1) and the cells she could see on a slide, indicated further testing as it is probable it is mammary cancer. As we discussed lumpectomy (hoping for a benign tumor) versus going straight to a mastectomy of all breasts on the one side, we decided to get x-rays done and bloodwork, and if she looked okay for anesthesia (and no signs of issues in the lungs - which is where feline mammary cancer tends to spread), the lumpectomy would be done tonight.

The look on my vets face when she walked back in Surprise number 2 -Misty has a huge tumor in the thoracic area of her chest, almost as large as her heart. It is either that yes, she has mammary cancer and it is aggressive and has already spread to the lungs, or it is a hugely swollen lymph gland, again indicating there is probably mammary cancer, or a kind of benign tumor that must nonetheless be removed or it will compromise her by compressing a lung.

There is no reason to put her through a lumpectomy if what is in the chest is a spread of the cancer, but if it isn't cancer, we need to get going because this chest tumor is huge.

So...xrays went off to the radiologist, as did the needle biopsy findings, and the next step IF there is any hope, is a biopsy of the chest tumor guided under an ultrasound.

The odds are not good here, not at all, and we are stunned. She is only 11 years old, the spitting image of her Poppa Chris who I lost just over a year ago. We expected her to be with us for at least another 6 or 7 years. I have to call her breeder (owner of the mom, Chris just supplied the papa genes), once I know for sure what is what (a friend, I can't bear to tell her this, she is so fond of her girl).

So....we have beat the odds just once, with Ophelia and her 'thought to be' bone cancer that wasn't...please say a prayer we beat the odds again, and that Misty then handles one minor and one major surgery well.

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I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you in hoping that this is not malignant.
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Misty will be on my mind throughout this ordeal, and my heart is with you as you help her through this.
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sending Hugs and prayers!!!!!
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Maggie and Charlie and I will be wishing Misty the best possible outcome! Stay positive!
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Hugs and healing vibes from us over here.
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Oh this is sad news. I hope everything comes back alright... and prayers...
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Sending hugs and healing vibes to Misty.
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Pat let us know as soon as you know the results. Hang tough, you have been through worse-
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You and Misty are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh pat I am so sorry...I am praying that everything turns out ok......

Hugs for you and misty...
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I have everything crossed that she will be fine, what an awful shock for you.
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Definately in my thoughts - Hugs for Misty.
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Misty, I am praying for you now and will continue to do so. Pat, I'm praying that God will give you strength during this stressful time.
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I am praying for her and for you. ***hugs***
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I am sending good vibes to you both!
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I will be praying & sending healing vibes to you & sweet Misty.
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Pat, what a tough time you're going through. That must have been a shock. I'm sending lots of healing vibes to Misty, and hugs for you.
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and prayers
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Thank you everyone...I will keep this thread updated as I get more information.
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I can hardly imagine how terrible you must be feeling as you wait for news. I do hope it is not as bad as you fear. Lots of vibes coming for Misty.
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I am so sorry. It's so heartbreaking when one of our babies has a problem. good thoughts your way!
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Prayers for you and your peace of mind, and that you get good news from the vet. And prayers for sweet Misty, that she handle her surgeries well. Bless her little heart, may she heal quickly!
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I am sending prayers that their is a good outcome for Misty.
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Thank you Heidi
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stay strong little one

sending love and thoughts to you from across the ocean
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I am praying for Misty and your whole family!
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I am praying for Misty. How is she this afternoon?
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Oh Pat. I'm sending Misty lots of healing vibes, and comfort vibes to you.
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