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ACK! ebay makes me want to hack up a hairball!

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I got this and when it got here, one of the earrings was bent and the garnet had fallen out. I tried to put the pendant on a chain, and it broke! I am so mad! The people will not return my emails. It has been 2 weeks. I have been looking for a set like this for 2 years, and my sweetie got it for me for Christmas. One of these days I will learn to not buy stuff I cannot see. Only 2 times has an item from ebay been as good as it looked.
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Awwww, Im sorry.
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Will the seller give a refund?

Five things to look out for when buying on ebay:

1. Check the seller's feedback. Anything under 99% positive, I won't buy from that seller.
2. Check the postage costs. Some unscrupulous sellers sell the item cheaply and then charge outrageous amounts for postage.
3. Check the seller's feedback.
4. Check the postage costs.
5. Check the seller's feedback.

Whatever happens, eBay have a dispute resolution process, but do take it up with the seller first to see if it can be resolved.
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I've just had a look at the link and the seller has great feedback and is a Power Seller. I bet the seller would be upset to learn that these items are of such poor quality. Keep trying to contact them, they may have gone away over the holiday season.
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Also try contacting them through 'Ask Seller a Question' just to make sure their email program isn't blocking your emails for some reason.

(I'll go now LOL.)
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all of the above thats been stated is what i would do. and if they still avoid you....start the process with ebay
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coud it be from the chistmas season something happened to them??
Ben and I sell jeans on ebay and we have a 14 days return policy (it is by law when you are a company and sell stuff on ebay) Maybe you could write them a letter? If we see our product is damaged we do not post it out and we apologise to our customers. So maybe it was ruined in the post??
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All the above good advice - especially with the time of year it is.

I have over 800 transactions that I have done on eBay - only a very few have turned bad.
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Also make sure you start the dispute process in time - I let one go too long (the only bad ebay buy I have every done in 5 years on ebay) and then paypal/ebay couldn't help me - I left it because of the mail and the seller being away last Christmas.

With their feedback I am sure its a mistake with only 4 negs and 28 neutrals (and looking at them most are nothing serious) out of over 7000 sales - try using the 'ask seller a question' so it doesn't get lost in their junk mail folder.
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Be sure to keep the 7-day return period in mind.
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That's too bad. I looked at the seller's feedback and it appears to be pretty good. It does look like this seller is doing this for a business though by the high volume of sales (which could be why you haven't heard back). Negative feedback speaks volumes and hurts a seller's rep. If you don't hear back within a reasonable time frame (after making every attempt possible), then consider leaving bad feedback. I've been burned a few times (ordered a movie that never came). I always look at feedback now and when in doubt, I don't buy from the seller. For the most part, I've had good luck with e-bay.
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Report them right away and Ebay will take care of it for you. Hopefully you paid via paypal- as you are covered by them. I've had to do this myself with a power seller. Ebay investigated and I got my money back.
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Oh, and when I say do it right away I mean now, don't wait. They have a 45 day time limit for resolving complaints.
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If any of these don't work, if Shipping Insurance was purchased, then that should cover it, up to $50 worth. Even though it's extra, I always recommend it to my buyers whenever I sell something that could easily break or is valuable. Then the buyers have an added protection to their winnings.
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That sucks. I've been stiffed twice on ebay. I didn't receive something from two seperate people. I forgot about both of them and then when I went to email then asking where it was, it had been deleted from my history because I took too long to remember....jerks.... Pretty jewelry though, sorry it was mucked up....
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Hmmmm. That seller's got a good FB rating. I would be suspicious that he might not (for whatever reason) be receiving my e-mails, or that I wasn't receiving his. It happens. There are so many spam-blocking programs out there, including the ones that the Internet Service Providers are using, that legitimate e-mail sometimes doesn't get through. DH told me that something I sent him yesterday (they have a new filtering program) FINALLY arrived the next day with a notation that there was an "83% probability" that the e-mail was spam . I told him I suspected it was picking up on the subject line which I'd put in as "Everyone needs one!" If you must know it was a link to a Gothic Toilet Seat . But the point is that e-mail is not always 100% reliable. You just never know.
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You can also request there info from eBay (phone number etc). Since you have done a transaction with them, you can request it - eBay will also send your infomration to them to help resolve it.
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HACK UP A HAIRBALL??? Love it. I'll remember this one.

I don't bother with Ebay anymore. I had a similar experience and it was so high maintenance. Ebay "customer service" did nothing for me, they never got back to me, and all this email stuff gets pretty old. Either they have a human you can speak to, or they won't get my business.
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The closest thing eBay has to you being able to speak to someone is their 'Live Help'. Ebay Live Help. Enter your e-mail address or eBay user ID to begin.
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Contact # for eBay: 1-800-322-9266

hit "0" twice to get through (according to The IVR Cheat Sheet.)
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