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Teddy Bear Thieves!

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Ok, does anyone have any idea why my cats are obsessed with my teddy bears? Noodles just stole my 'Groom' bear that was a wedding present. The other night my mother gave me a cute bear. I left it on the island in the kitchen, when DH got up to use the bathroom the next morning it was sitting upright in the bathtub! Under the spout! And they attacked another bear I had out a few weeks ago.

I thought it had something to do with the texture of it. All are this fuzzy but silky looking texture. But I got new slipper socks for Christmas made of the same stuff and they couldn't care less!

Any ideas? I'm just going back to hiding my bears!

And speaking of teddy bear thieves! I just turned around and followed a long black string out of the room and down the hallway, they stole my crocheting!
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Ha ha ... who knows why cats do what they do half the time? I suppose maybe they think the teddy bears are "prey"
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Sophie will occasionally steal one of my son's smaller stuffed toys. The most hilarious thing I saw was her dragging around a stuffed cow that was 3 times her size when she was smaller.

Sunni only had one toy that she would ever show interest in, and it was a small stuffed bear. That bear went everywhere in the house with her! At night, she would carry it around and talk to it. When she died, Bear was buried with her. I couldn't imagine what else to do with the little thing.

Before these two bear lovers, though, I had never seen a cat run off with stuffed toys! Glad to hear they aren't strange....for this, at least!
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