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Is my cat pregnant?

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Um, my cat Baby has wreid lump on her teets and they are kind of mushy. Are these just signs of pregnansy? She is a year old as of last night (april fools night, how ironic), as is her sister Cloud and her two brothers Storm and Cookie. Storm has been mounting his sister Cloud, so, is it possible that he bred with Baby? Thanks for any help ya'll provide!
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Cats don't have any sense of 'appropriate' breeding. Mature males will mate with any mature female if shes in heat, siblings or not. I'd suggest you get them spayed and neutered asap, inbreeding is not a good thing and neither is adding unneccessarily to cat overpopulation. It may be advisable to take the girls to a Vet to see if they are pregnant or not.
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You might want to check with the local humane society or animal shelter to find an inexpensive spaying/neutering service. I know it's expensive to get that many animals neutered at the same time. However, there is an abundance of kittens who are in need of homes. If you do have kittens and advertise them "free to a good home," the kittens could end up at a research center. Unless you know the people to whom the kittens go, it is dangerous to give them-better to prevent the pregnancy.
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