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I've been lurking on the forums for a week or so now, and my new kitty is getting settled in nicely. Figured I'd post a couple pics. Unfortunately, all I have at the moment are webcam shots, but I should have some better pics of her in the very near future.

I still need to name this little rascal. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Awww... isn't he cute.
I'm never good at picking out names for other people's kitties although you could always go with Rascal.

Let us know what you decide on.
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Hi, Jaid and welcome. What an adorable kitten! I'll have to agree with BadHabit on the name. That one looks like he's going to be quite the rascal. Looking forward to hearing about his antics. Thanks for the pix.

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Thanks for all the kind words.

I'm not sure id be able to keep everyone up to date with her antics. Before I could type them all, she would have created several more. Just got done picking up packaging peanuts from all over the floor. She thought it was fun to dump the box over and proceed to run through the peanuts scattering them everywhere! :laughing:
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Very cute cat, kittens are so cute! I think she looks like a 'Lola'. Let us know what you decide.
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Welcome to you and your little furbaby! She is just adorable! I have no idea for a name. I'm just no help at all. I understand your quandry, though. We had a really hard time coming up with that perfect name for our two babies!

We would love to hear all about your little baby's antics! We are all suckers for cute cat stories.
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She is gorgeous! I think she looks like an Aphroditie or a Mischief. I always wanted to get 2 cats togther - male and female and name them Aphroditie and Ares. I love greek mythology!
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Hi Jaid and welcome! Your kitty is SO cute! Is your kitty a boy or girl...I can't think of names until I know what it is.
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Shes a girl. It's nearly impossible to name her after her personality. One minute she is meowing for affection, and curling up in my arms to purr herself to sleep. The next minute she is spiralling up and down her cat tree. And any time im not looking shes trying to find something to get into. But then again, every time I think she is getting into something, I find her curled up snoozing somewhere being as sweet as can be. After looking over about 7500 names on various sites, i'm leaning toward 'shiraz'. At least, until I change my mind again. Who knew that naming a kitty could be so difficult!
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She looks just like my little Georgia. I hope she as sweet! Welcome!
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Since I said that I would post more pics, here goes. Unfortunately most of the ones I had hoped would turn out good, didnt. So the quality of these isnt real great, but still some pretty cute pics.

She plays in this big box of styrofoam peanuts as if she is a kid in one of those big containers of plastic balls ya see at the fairs and what not, its hilarious!

Chasing the mouse cursor.

And some other random shots...

more pics at the following links:
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shiraz, that's fun to say...
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I think Shiraz sounds like a good name for her. A little exotic and a lot of spunk!

Seeing those pics made me want another kitten! So adorable!
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awwwww! pretty kitty! what a doll!!!! :daisy:
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Welcome to you Jaid! And what an adorable little kitty you have!!
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