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New babies!!

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The clinic cat I had previously had written about in another post announcing her pregnancy just had 4 beautiful kittens last night! She had a calico, a black, a white and a cream colored babie. Coors is such a good mother too. I'm so glad everything went ok for her and hopefully they'll all do ok.
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Bad Habit, can you please mail me a kitten? I am kitten hungry right now! Just Kidding!
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I've got one stamped, packed and ready to go.
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I'd like the calico please I have a good variety going here among my 5, but am missing a Calico. When can I expect her?
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They sound so cute! I assume your vet clinic will adopt these beautiful babies out when it's time? Or have the staff already put their dibs in first? I swear, if I worked in a place like that or a shelter, I would end up with 100 kitties!! I'd have to take the little black one!!

I'm so glad mommy and babies are doing well.
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YEY!!! Furry babies!! Oooooo pics pics pics!!!! Gimme!! Got any left that could be sent to me over here in the UK?!?!?! You know you have.... c'mon..... just a little one..... Im not fussy.... hahahahahaha

Glad everything went well with the birth!!
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Everybody's having kittens! I want one! little fuzzballs all cuddly and sweet and mewing and climbing all over and and and . . .!

Okay, I'm under control now!

I'm glad everything turned out okay. Give mommy an extra chin rub for me!
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Oooo! Kitties! I want one too! You can send one my way. I asked hubby if we can get one or two more, but he said no.
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AWWWWWW!!!! Can we see pics? I love kitty pics!!!
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PAH!! Sarah - take no notice of that!!! Just show him some extra cute little tiny kitten photos, wave a few cute pink paw pads in front of his face and you'll get the kitty you want!!! Trust me!! it works!! (Hubby said NO to anymore after the second one... heh heh hee.... we now have 6 and HE wants another!!! hahaha)
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How exciting!! Congrats to Coors and yourself!
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Rhea-I bet I could sucker him in to letting us get one or two more. Ha ha ha ha! He just thinks that they won't get along with Socks and Boo. Maybe someday soon!
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